Friday, April 8, 2011

Cool ride...


Springtime in NW Louisiana must be kinda what Heaven is like, except not nearly as glorious.  I mean, eyes haven't seen, and ears haven't heard what God has in store for us.

But while we're earthbound, Springtime around these parts MUST be just about as good as it gets.  The earth has come back to life.  The rose bushes are blooming, the Blue & the Yellow Iris are getting after it, and our coveted Purple Irises are just now bursting.  The grass weeds are green and gorgeous, and the temps are so dang tolerable that all you want to do is stay outside and soak up the 78 degree sunshine.

Springtime also brings out the really cool vehicles.  You know...the vehicles that everybody hides in a garage over the satanic Winter, because they don't want the devil to look at 'em.  Yeah, THOSE REALLY COOL VEHICLES!

Well, I came across another one today.  Lookit, I'm not a car guy, much, so I'm just gonna call this a Dune Buggy, that looks like it's got a Model-T front end on it...and a bitchin' paint job...and I think purple leather interior.  

Whatever it is, it looks like it'd be almost sinful fun to drive!

I took these photos with my cameraphone.  Man, I'll tell y'all, since I figured out that it was only $12.99 for a little card dealie, and the adapter to make it fit in my computer to get pictures off my cameraphone, I have been enjoying the heck out of taking pictures with my cameraphone.  

On a side note, I'm pretty dang impressed with the picture quality of this cameraphone.  It is a Nokia cameraphone, and when I finally decided to go wireless with communications about a year ago, the good folks at AT&T gave it to me for free.  After owning it for almost a year, I have discovered that I can just say a name that's on my mailing list, and it will call that person.  Cool, huh?  And, it will take moving pictures, too.  I haven't tried that yet.  Well, really I did try it, but I've got to unload something from the worldwide computer to be able to look at the moving picture I took.  But, I don't know if I will or not, because I just took a moving picture of the back yard, and I see that all the time, so I might wait until I take a moving picture of something I've never seen before.  Maybe at Easter, I'll try to take a moving picture of some of the great-nieces, and great-nephews looking for eggs or something.  Maybe.  If I do, I'll upload the deal to put it on my computer, and then try to see if I can show y'all my gaggle of great-nieces/nephews looking for eggs and junk.  I know y'all can't barely wait.

What was I saying?  Oh yeah,  this looks like it'd be almost sinful fun to drive!

Well, that's all.  Y'all have a good one!


  1. That cell phone does a good job!
    Nice car, bet that guy won't let a speck of dust land on it. Could you classify this as a "chick Magnet?"

  2. Those are some amazing photos for a camera phone. And the car, well, is okay.

  3. Definitely, totally bitchin'!

    The car isn't bad either.

  4. Springtime in NW Louisiana must be kinda what Heaven is like...

    And summer is egg-zactly what hell is. Not "like," but IS. YMMV.

    FYI: the car would be called a "bucket-T." At least that's what gear-heads USED to call 'em, back in the day... Gawd only knows what kids these days call 'em. But that's a VERY nice example of the genre.

  5. For me it would be sinful fun for about 4 seconds, which is about how long it would take to get sideways into a telephone pole.

  6. Cool rod, Andy. The inscription on the back is pretty cool too: "Plumb Gone." I agree with Buck about summer in La. I was only there for one month in summer in the way back when and I sweated the entire time. I could not get cooled down because of the humidity. But you like it and that's what matters. That and plentiful air conditioning. BTW, I think your camera phone takes better pics than my Olympus.

  7. Buck & Dan...pansies! Okay, I'll admit that it gets a tad unpleasant around the first of August. But once you get used to it...scratch never REALLY get used to it.

    I showed these shots to a 71 year old friend of mine, and he said, "That's a T-Bucket!" Buck, he's from Arkansas, so I reckon they said it backards...

    Scooney, as far as the "chick magnet" deal goes, you might notice in the very first picture a quite attractive ankle in a black high heel. This young lady was drooling over it, and hoped that the owner would come by so that she could "talk to him" about it.

    Yeah, I'm really impressed with this little cameraphone. Jeepers, it's the cheapest little thing there is, I think. But you can blow these shots up really big. It's got limitations, though. It's not good in low light, and there is no flash.

    Anyway, thank y'all for chiming in.


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