Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love Song Saturday Night

Yep! It's that time of year again when we feature Andy's favorite love songs on Sattidy night! (This usually runs from now, right up until the opening of the College Football enjoy it 'til then).

Can't say this is my favorite, but it's way up on the list. Seems to have some more special meaning now than in the past, for some reason.

So, spoon up with the one you love, and make sure they KNOW how you feel, and that you mean biniss!!!

Ladies and Gennimens, I present to you, The Duprees...

In the comments on The YouTube, this one got left by "swollheadjim."  NYUK!!!  It doesn't apply to me, but may to a bunch of y'all.  (Plus, I really, really, really wanted to use the name "swollheadjim" in this post after I saw it).

"A gentle and more kinder time in our lifes, when viet-nam and civil rights was a thousand miles from our minds,we just wanted to dance and have a good time and listen to our favorite disjockey because we were teenagers."

swollheadjim 4 months ago

And, if you're in to "Dino," here is his effort. I actually don't like it nearly as much as The Duprees rendition. (But, it's worth posting, because it's Dino, and Dino is bitchin' in so many ways).


  1. I had to slip over to the google and see what year it was done, thought it was '61. I was close, was '62. I remember listening to it on my little transistor radio, I turned 15 that year. How time flies. Anything Dean Martin did was good, but I agree - the Duprees was the best.

  2. Any of the old Do-Wop groups are good too, about Circa 1961!

  3. Love both versions Andy. Here's one for you and Mrs. Andy.

  4. I did a number of turns around the high school gym to this...

  5. Jim, Scooney, and Buck: I figured you three had that one pretty well rememberized! Good times, huh?

    Deb: Thanks for that one. It is also one of my favorites. Jackson has quite the life story...interesting cat.

    Enjoyed listening again, as I type this comment.


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