Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love Song Saturday Night


I swear, I wore out two individual cassettes in my Realistic® Cassette Player (which I had mounted underneath the dash of my '73 Dodge Dart Swinger, and was sold for roughly 30 bucks, which was a lot of money in 1976...just sayin'...which I have already told y'all about) of Peter Frampner's Live album.

Tonight, I'm thinking back on the McDonald's parking lot on the Benton Spur Road (it's not where it used to be, because  they tore it down, and built a new one which really sucks compared to the old one) where I got my first smooch from The Mrs.  There weren't many places for us kids to hang out on the mall, or nothing.  I mean, a bunch of kids parked out at the West end of the BHS football stadium and drank.

But, I wasn't in to drinking.

Back then.

So, I basically hung out at The McDonalds, and  finally coaxed a kiss from The Mrs. in the McDonalds parking lot while Peter Frampner's cassette was playing on a cold November night.  It was a Saturday, probably November 27, 1976.  It was about a week after she finally noticed me.  And, she was wearing that light "Airline" blue sweater.

It was memorable.


  1. Who says the 70's didn't have good music ?

    Andy, one of my favorites too.

  2. I was kicked out of that McDonald's on more than one occasion...once for singing too loud. I was a bad seed to the core I guess.

    It was fun to be a McBearkat on Saturday nights...

  3. TD, that's how we roll.

    Nancy, only true monors say that. I've been in the "great decade of music" debate with some. The 70's was IT! Glad you liked it.

    Dadman, Nyuk! Singing too loud...

    Nyuk! Man, do you remember the cop that worked there on Saturday nights? He threw me out a couple of times, but not for singing. Just for sitting too long without ordering food. At the time, I thought that was stupid. Now, not so much.

    Yeah, it was fun to be a "McBearkat." I like the term. Good times, huh?

  4. That's weird, I remember who I was going out with in November '76 and being told by the franchise owner of the Regina McDonalds to just cut my hair and join society. There was so many kids standing around in there, nobody could enter to order food, in the distance, the sirens wailed.

  5. Heh. EVERYone (and some of their Moms) had "Frampton Comes Alive" back in the day. I own two or three more of his albums, too, FWIW.

    Best music decade? Conventional wisdom has it the best music was made when you were in your senior year in high school, but that's definitely NOT true in my case. That said, I think a good case can be made for the '80s... the **17**80s.

  6. Marc, I reckon some things are kinda universal from our day...regardless of geography.

    Buck, most of us can't remember that, so thanks for your recollection. Appreshunate it!

  7. Sure, I remember the cop. He's the one who tossed me out for singing Barbara Ann (with a few other McBearkats) in a loud and boisterous manner.

    I was sad when they knocked down the old hangout and put up that new-fangled McThing. Still haven't been in the new place. Perhaps we should have our next reunion there...

  8. Naw Dadman, it McSucks! I've been there ONCE, and visited with McBart for a couple of hours.

    The company was good, just ain't the same.

    I'm not down for the West End of Bearkat Stadium, either. (Drinking should be done at home...not some place that might put others at peril. Just sayin'...).

    Was it just me, or did that cop have AquaNet hairspray by the gallon on his shopping list? He was definitely a movie-star wannabe, unlike us extremely handsome, and sexy young men that KNEW it.

    I think he was insecure.

  9. The cop dude definitely had delusions of grandeur. Wonder what he's doing these days...

    You know, I never, not even once, hung out at the stadium on the weekends. In fact, I never tasted a drop of booze until I went to La. Tech. I hate to admit it, but I was a naive little boy in high school...

  10. You know, I've wondered about that cop, too. Probably a gray haired old codger with a pot belly now.

    Dadman, I was about like you. I never had a drop of booze until New Year's Eve, 1978. I won't tell you who delivered the goods, but just a little over three months later, we jumped the broom.

    Dude, I vomited. Twice. It was some kind of kool-aid & rum or something. I spent New Year's Day with the family trying not to look guilty, and trying to stay awake. That's when I learned the term, "Amateur Night."

  11. Heh. My first drunk experience was quite comical. It started with beer and ended with vodka screwdrivers and chunks of lobster all over my carpet. I had a hangover for a year.

    Cosmic was there. He can vouch...

  12. I had a hangover for a year.



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