Friday, April 15, 2011

Mission work...


So, The Mrs. is walking out the door this morning, heading to Arkansas to visit her brother near Ozark (who I truly love, and is a great brother-in-law, btw).

Me:  You takin' off?

The Mrs.:  Yeah, but I've got to stop by Mama's first.

Me:  What for?

The Mrs.:  When Ken was here a couple of months ago, he left his toothbrush, and toothpaste, and Mom wants me to take it back to him.

Me:  Good grief, I guess so!  He's probably due for a brushing about now!

The Mrs.:  HA!  You know, I probably ought to stop by Walmart, and pick him him up a twelve-pack.  Toothbrushes are awfully hard to come by in Arkansas. 

Me:  HA!  Good idea, but be careful.  I hope the border guards don't seize them.  Take some cash to pay 'em off.

The Mrs.:  I'll just flash 'em a little leg...

God, I love her.  Have a good trip, Sweetheart!


  1. Arkansas 12 pack of brushes? One for each tooth?

    /ducks for cover

  2. Won't 12 be 11 1/2 too many?

  3. Inno: Good pitch!

    Deb: Great catch!


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