Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This picture has nothing to do with the film, it's just a really odd picture.  I mean, I think I could do that, but why would I want to try?

Hey y'all!  This edition features a well-known famous movie, so it's gonna be real easy.  And, I'm gonna give y'all some clues.

1)  It is old enough that I saw it at the Strand Theater in downtown Shreveport WAY back when they still had films there (I'm guessing about 1970...just a guess).

2)  It is not available on The Netflix® for live streaming, so you have to get them to mail it to you.

3) I got them to mail it to me, and it only took one day to get it.

4)  The Mrs. and I looked at it last night (Well, at least the first few minutes before we fell on off to sleep.  We were worn out from the busy weekend we both had, I reckon).

5)  It stars two of Hollywood's most famous actors...and two of the best ever in my book.  (An interesting side note is that Warren Beatty, and Steve McQueen were originally picked to star in this film, and that the two eventual stars would only work together once more.  Hmmmm...I thought it was more).

6)  There is a much more famous line from this film that I started to use, but that would make it WAY too easy, so I opted for another line which I stayed awake long enough to hear, and had forgotten was in this film.

Okay, here it is.  One of the main characters sings this line:  "Don't ever hit your mother with a shovel!  It leaves a dull impression on her head!

Good luck!  

And remember, no Gooblecheating!


  1. Hmmm...around '70...two famous actors...Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? *my pet rock's waiting on the edge of his seat, 'cuz it's his guess*

  2. Dangit, I was gonna guess Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid. Believe it or not, I did not like that movie. Go figger.

  3. Had no idea so I woulda guessed Deliverance and I woulda been wrong and then you'd all tease me and push me down in the mud and stuff.

  4. I was gonna guess The Sting, which would have been close. Right actors; wrong movie.

  5. I saw that movie at the Razorback Drive-in Theater! A bunch.

  6. It has to be that one where the Hollywood starlet did only the close ups and the hireling did the actual dancing.

  7. "They're beginning to get on my nerves. Who are those guys?"

  8. Dapper Dan, it's Butch and Sundance.


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