Friday, May 13, 2011

"Getaway Friday"/Love Song Saturday Night/Whatever...


Hey y'all!  Well, since The Globber® decided to work, I figured I'd better jam a bunch of junk in at once before it dies completely.  Bill Gates hates The Globber, so it will probably die.

He's got powers.

Anyway, just a few things, and some REALLY BIG NEWS!

Thing #1)  My friend Moogie posted this on her The Facebook® website.  She said it was one of the funniest things she'd seen about The Royal Wedding®.  And, it's pretty dang funny, too!

It's even funnier than that BJ picture that everybody has already seen.

At least I think so.

Then, there's this...

  Seems that I shall NEVER be free from the stigma of having a gorgeous dark mauve bedroom.

But do I care?  Heck no! 

If it bothered me, I'd be dwelling on it.

Just sayin'...

And then there's this...

We will do Love Song Saturday Night on Friday night this week because I plan to be completely disconnected from the cyberworld for a few days.  Yep!  I have not had two days "off" in a row for over 7 months.  But, good fortune smiled on Andy, and now I've got three (count 'em, three) days off.  

In. A. Row.

So, The Mrs.,  #4 Son, and yours truly are...

And, up in stinkin' Arkansas, too!

Yep!  Don't even think about trying to call us, or nothing!  In fact, if you call me I will hunt you down, and shoot you like the sorry, mangy dog that you are.  (Unless you're my boss, who is the most greatest, most fabulous boss in the history of employment.  I won't shoot you...I just won't answer).

So, I'll go ahead on and put y'all out of your misery with reading this crap.  The love of my life sent this video to me on The Facebook® about three weeks ago.  I've been hanging on to it to share it with other folks at the appropriate time.

Y'all enjoy it.  I'll catch up with y'all next week.

I swear, The Sistuh gots it...


  1. Well, mebbe our collective cousins -- having growd up with visions of fairy tale weddings -- decided to emulate one ;-)

  2. I was unaware that canoeing involved baseball bats.

  3. Thanks for posting Roberta Flack's most famous song. I think it is done beautifully. Reminds me of Utapao Air Base in Thailand. I spent a lot of time there during Viet Nam so that is where I first heard the song.

  4. ...than that BJ picture that everybody has already seen.

    Heh. Like Mel Brooks sez: "It's GOOD to be the king."

    Have fun canoeing. Stay dry!

  5. Hope the float trip was fab!! Which river?

    I love that the little girl has her hands over her ears in the -- other -- picture.

    I wouldn't worry so much about the pink bedroom hits on the Google searches. Now, the male stripper hits?

  6. Just in case you actually don't know, those stills from the Cinderella movie above have been Photoshopped. Those aren't the colors that were in the movie.

  7. Andy, I don't know what river you're going canoeing on but be careful. I heard they had I-40 blocked 80 miles west of Memphis a few days ago so I'm sure some of those Arkie rivers are still out of their banks. As Mr. Cash used to say about his Arkansas days, "How high's the water, Mama? Five feet high and risin'."

  8. Hey y'all! We just got back home a couple of hours ago. It was bitchin'!

    We canoed the Buffalo River, which is one of the most scenic rivers in these here United States.

    Cosmic: Thanks! I was pretty sure that P-shop had something to do with how that all played out. Sigh...

    Dan: Actually the river was kinda' lame. It was only about 6' depth, but had been 30+ a week before. I've had MUCH more fun on it in previous trips...most notably my first trip in 1977 when me and a college buddy of my brother went in three times.

    That was fun.

    Back then.

    Kartman: Roberta's best...Yep! I think so. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Seattle Andy: You gotta remember that it is stinkin' Arkansas we're talking about here. I mean, they brush their tooth with bull baseball bats are just perfect for paddling.

    Buck: We did have fun, my friend! Most fun we've had in forever. But, we/I did not stay dry. Good thing is that it was windy & cold. I really like it when I get wet...especially when it's windy & cold.

    Seriously, it was a blast!


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