Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I don't think that the Garbage men get nearly the thanks they deserve!


So, I want to thank the Garbage Collectors of Bossier City (especially the dude in the yellow/green/chartreuse/whatever jacket that dumped my trash today) for what y'all do.

It's a thankless job, I'm sure.  But, I for one appreciate your tireless efforts in helping us by hauling all the worthless junk away from our homes!

Especially today.


  1. Did I ever mention that my husband worked for Allied Waste years ago? He was the district manager for several companies in NM and Southern Co. But he liked to tell people that he was a "trashman." That got some interesting responses. He rarely got to drive a truck, but now and then he did. That got some interesting responses too. He would honk and wave at people and they would not acknowledge him. One day he saw a good friend of mine visiting someone in a Mercedes Benz and decided to honk and wave at her to embarrass her. Instead, she came running over and climbed up the side of the truck and gave him a big hug. yep, I like trashmen.

  2. I appreciate when my trash guys haul stuff away, too. Some things just need to be in landfills and those guys are a Godsend sometimes.

  3. Why? What did you put out today, Andy, that you're especially glad they picked up?

  4. Good trashmen can be hard to find. I've lived in some places where they were real asshats... newspapers had to be tied "just so" or they'd be left on the curb, yard junk the same way, no recyclables mixed in with regular trash, yadda, yadda. You're fortunate, Andy.

  5. Roses, I can't say, but let's just say that what Paul said about some things needing to be in landfills is spot on. It's like he's "psychic" or something.

    Lou, I bet you'd love Arabs if Tony was one.

    Buck...see, I've got that problem already under control. We recycle "voluntarily." Really.


  6. Andy, I had my mother living with me for about five years. If my trash guys were not dependable, I would have gotten in trouble too many times to count when I threw out stuff that she was hoarding.

    Recently, it was about four hundred empty Country Crock containers.

  7. Oh, wow, Paul Mitchell. You're giving me PTSD; the mother-in-law lived with me for 8 years.

    (Note items #3 and 4:)http://ackthbbbt.blogspot.com/2007/01/things-i-dont-miss-about-living-with.html

  8. I remember when parents used to point at the garbage collectors and say, "If you don't do well in school, you'll end up doing what they do". Well, most of them make better money than a good deal of us working "clean" jobs.

  9. Blogger ate a long response to Roses...here's the short version...

    Roses, I understand every bullet point you had on that post. Hiding trash was commonplace when Ma lived with me. And still a bunch wound up in her Jeep.

    But, here's an excerpt from an actual conversation yesterday:

    "Ma, I am boxing up your stuff in the bathroom. How many is the proper number of old toothbrushes for your inventory? You currently have 27."

    (Ignore how long it would take to wear out that many.)

    "Paul, those are great for cleaning grout. You need to save them."

    "Ma, I only have two hands, so two is the maximum that I can use."

    "You'll regret throwing them out."

    (Ignore the fact that my bathroom marble is groutless and the rest of my house is wood floors.)

  10. I usually have one in the toolbox, and I always have one in the washroom, and I often keep one in the glovey,

    just in case... ;)

  11. Dave, you speakum truth!

    Paul, Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! At least she only has one cell phone...and as I understand, a spare key to your truck. Moms are good for many things.

    Marc, I've always heard that Canadians are anal when it comes to oral hygiene, and I bet you look good in a chartreuse vest, too.

  12. Andy, my mother doesn't have a key to my truck, she has a key to my house. I am not sure that is the best way to work things though.

  13. Oh yeah...it's the house key she had. Sheesh! It's late, and I'm sundowning.

  14. oh oh, here we go with the color stuff again...

    hey remember the last time we discussed color?


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