Monday, May 9, 2011

I wouldn't really call it an "outrage," but I must bring it to y'all's attention.


Hey y'all!  Good Monday morning!!!

This is a local story that has gotten some national legs.  Breitbart has picked up on it, so I am compelled to pass it along.

Family Sued For Displaying Flag In Support of Marine Corps Son

BTW, the title of that article is misleading.  It is not a "flag" that is in question.  It is a "banner."

This neighborhood is a couple of miles south of Andy's Place.  We don't have "covenants" here in the 'hood.  I mean, nothing other than regular city ordinances, like you gotta get your trash can up before the next morning after it gets emptied, and no pickup trucks on blocks in your front yard, and you gotta keep your dogs penned up (which is routinely violated around here).

I understand covenants, but according to local talk, other signs have been displayed in this neighborhood, like signs in support of their District High School (Parkway High...which we really hated back when I went to BHS in the stone age).  Maybe they'll get it resolved.  Personally, I think a sign in good taste should be allowed at least while the young Marine is deployed.

I reckon we'll see how it shakes out.


  1. Hey Andy! One of MANY reasons I don't like HOA's! It's not like she has broken down appliences in the yard with vehicles up on blocks or anything. From the picture, it looks like a very nice home and well taken care of yard. Sounds to me like someone just has their knickers in a wad and has the money to cry about it! Dang, that pisses me off!!!

  2. Where I get hung up on it is all of the other signs that have been allowed. If they had been strict on the signs the whole time, I wouldn't fault them so much but why pick on this one?

  3. It seems like no matter what you do now days, some ones going to complain about it.
    Has it always been this way, or have we turned into a country of people with the constant red a$$?
    Nuff said.

  4. Just read an article the other day (don't remember where) about a guy who was in hot water with his HOA 'cuz he put up a sign in support of his favorite hockey team. The HOA said the only signs allowed are the "security provided by _____" kind. So the guy took out a sharpie and wrote "security provided by" just above the hockey team logo and so far the HOA has left him alone.

  5. America: Home of the Weird.

  6. Inno,
    I like that! BTW, my kids are in Eugene visiting my sister and dad right now. I'll be there in Aug. Worst time to be in GA, but a good time to be in OR!


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