Sunday, August 7, 2011

A dark day.


Midday Saturday, I began to hear bits and pieces of the painfully sad loss of American life in the downing of a Chinook in Wardak Province, Afghanistan.

The honest truth is that I did not even want to "tune in" for details.  Having recently been touched (however lightly) by the death of a brave soldier there, I was in NO hurry to soak up the misery.  I figured it would be all over the blogosphere, and I'd see it soon enough.  

It seems that NW Louisiana has been hit again...and twice with one blow this time.  Local blog-buddy, Pat at ASIGIS, pointed her readers to this Shreveport Times article.

Our prayers are with the friends, and families of all who were killed.  I really do not have words that can adequately express my love, and admiration for your fallen ones.