Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elvis Presley died 34 years ago today.


I will never forget hearing the news.  I was a Freshman at Louisiana Tech.  I had started early out of high school in the Summer Quarter.  I was driving down Tech Drive in my '73 Dodge Dart (Swinger Edition) when I heard the news on the radio.

It was a shame that a man with such charisma, talent, and with so many people that really were in his corner ate and pilled himself to death.

Damn shame.

I was kind of surprised, and kind of sad, and in a way not too much of either. 

A good while back, I posted something about what I thought Elvis would look like today.  I guess I'll go ahead on and link back to it.  



  1. I shoulda known better than to go to that link; ya got me, again. Sigh

  2. Got me too, one more time. I went there with no trepidation either, didn't think you would disrespect the king like that.
    Thank you - thank you very much

  3. I was working as a go-fer at Bob Post Chrysler-Plymouth when I heard the news...

  4. That ain't right. It's really funny, but it still ain't right!

  5. Y'all are welcome!

    C'mon! He's DEAD. His feelings ain't hurt.

    Dadman, I forgot you worked over there.

  6. I suckered in with eyes wide open. Again.

  7. One o' these days, Andy... One o' these days...

    My house-mate at the time (I was up at Fortuna AFS on the NoDak/Montana/Saskatchewan border) was from Tennessee and the BIGGEST Elvis fan I've ever known. The man actually cried when he heard the news and I kid thee not. I had a VERY miserable evening that night, what with all the danged Elvis tunes bein' played, over and over and over.

  8. That was terrible. But at least you didn't post a picture of his corpse sitting on the commode, which is supposedly where he was found dead. Or so legend goes...

  9. I, too, was suckered, again.

    I met the man who supplied the silver casket to bury Elvis - my claim to fame.

  10. Y'all are making me blush...

    Lou, Elvis' first steady gig was on the Louisiana Hayride back in the 50's. Shreveport is FULL of 70-something ladies that will tell you stories about dating Elvis.

    He got around. But, the few I've spoken with personally say that he was always a gentleman.


  11. I've always heard he was a super nice guy. What kills me is the fact that preachers from the pulpit condemned his style as "devil music." But had Elvis not died, he'd have a theater in Branson, MO and be featured on various Gaither Gospel Homecoming specials.

    A lot of folks don't like him, but dang...listen to Kentucky Rain or American Trilogy. The man had a voice.


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