Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Quarterback - Week 1

I'm in a hurry, so y'all will have to listen fast.  I don't have time to post links, but anybody that cares about this post already knows what happened.

Everything went about like I expected.  Now it begins.

Ohio State will brag because they beat Akron.  Nyuk.

USC will claim that they're back.  Double Nyuk.

Arkansas will brag, now that they beat The Missouri School of Cosmetology.

Boise will bitch that they are not ranked #1 after beating Georgia.  Trust me Boise, you won't be the last to beat Georgia.

Oklahoma will not brag about beating Tulsa.  I's Tulsa.

'Bama will not brag about beating Kent.  I's Kent.

The pollsters will probably move Stanford to #1 after they beat SJSU (an even more inferior California team), because for some reason pollsters love the pacific-10/12/whatever.  It's just like liberals running the media.  I've given up on expecting objectivity in the media...and in college football polls.

Speaking of polls.  What retard (or gaggle thereof) had Notre Dame ranked anywhere in the top 100?  At #16?

Notre Dame might be the 16th best team.

In Indiana.

Speaking of polls.  What retard (or gaggle thereof) had Oregon ranked anywhere in the top 100?  At #3?  Those guys were clueless...truly hapless, as I predicted they would be.  Okay, I'm happy about my beloved Tigers whipping the hapless Ducks.  But, I'm not gonna brag.  I's Oregon.  We'll see what we're made of on down the road a few weeks when we start playing teams from The Championship Conference.

I mean, we didn't even play our first string.

And, we're ALWAYS slow starters.

BYU made me smile. 

That's it!  I'll try to do mo' better next Sunday.  But, I stayed up late, woke up late, and I gotta go to work.  

I love y'all!


  1. Notre Dame "might" be...

    I'm gonna have to remember me that one, I could apply to about a million things here.

  2. Thankfully your Tigers got it together in the second half and salvaged my weekend.

  3. Jim, thanks.

    marc, I'm blushing.

    Inno, you MUST make good on your offer to wear the purple & gold chicken hat. I need a photo. E-mail me your address at And, actually we woke up in the second quarter. At halftime, I knew this one was over.

    Buck, Heh!

  4. I absolutely WILL live up to my half of the grand bargain!

  5. I could wear a hat, course it'll fit me a bit tight this week now that the team it represents did that well on opening day and all, it's from a successful college team down south there where they take the game quite seriously I hears.

    It's gots a beautiful gator on the front although the colors kinda clash. I hear they play the game real well.

  6. Marc, Flarda ain't what they once were. But, they're still in the SEC, so they are better than 90% of the wannabees elsewhere.

  7. I mean, we didn't even statr our first team

    Isn't that because most of 'em are in jail, or on the way to jail?

    I've known some pretty kick-butt cosmetologists in my time!

    BYU made me smile, too.

  8. Moogie, I have a feeling that when the truth on the Jefferson deal comes out, the BR Police will have egg on their face.

    I mean, he's just not that kind of a kid. Sure, he was stupid to be where he was...but you could have knocked me over with a feather. I mean, he's just not that kind of a kid. We'll see.

    And, come to think of it, I've known some hairdressers I'd definitely steer clear of.

  9. I danced a little jig because of BYU.

    Yes, I derive enjoyment from the misery of fans of The School Up North. What of it?

    Hail State!

  10. OK, Andy, I was in Eugene and got to watch the game there. And a good one it was. And while you're bragging, IT WAS a FRESHMAN that thought he was still playing high school ball that won the game for you! HE did learn a couple of VERY valuable lessons (albeit a little late!) It was NOT, however, the total trouncing that was expected! Your Tiggers (and they did look good) did make a few small blunders, like the center hiking the ball to no QB? I just don't think we made it out to play the 2nd half! On a good note, the Beavs lost to a community college from Sacremento! BTW, Mrs Paul and I 30 Years today! Go Ducks!!

  11. Boogie, I'm with ya'! They are just flat-out stinkin' worthless miserable. In every way.

    Paul, indeed we have a few wrinkles to iron out. But, when we got up by 20, Corch Miles pulled the starters out and gave y'all a pity TD. Be grateful.

    Hey man, I am so way glad that y'all got to go home. I know you're enjoying the heck out of it. And, triple congrats on #30!!! She's a fine, patient woman.



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