Saturday, September 3, 2011

We be ready.


I've been asking for over 8 months now the burning question, "When is September gonna be?"

Well, it finally be.

One of the biggest games of the season just happens to be on opening weekend...and it just happens to feature my beloved LSU Tigers, as they crush, and humiliate the miserable Ducks of Oregon in Dallas tonight.

We be ready.  And, I need to once again give a big shout of thanks to my "crochet ladies" that have blessed me with the necessary fan gear to make the big day special.  I just love me some crochet ladies!

I really kinda hate to destroy the anonymity of these gals, but both Dr. Jill, and Roses are some talented & thoughtful chicks, and deserve a little exposure!   

Most of y'all have never seen a good picture of Roses.  I think she crocheted her own sweater.

And, I'm sure probably none of y'all have seen a good picture of our good friend, and regular contributor, Dr. Jill.  I have it on good authority that she crocheted her outfit, too.

Anyway, we gots our football watchin' gear together!

Purple & Gold afghan that Dr. Jill crocheted and surprised me with.

LSU mechanical cheerleader pen that Dr. Jill also surprised me with.

Purple & Gold chicken hat that Roses crocheted, and surprised me with.

Remote control, which I purchased with my own money. 

We be ready.

But let's just do us a little pre-game cheering, whatayasay?

Go to hell Oregon, GO TO HELL!

I'm even getting the little great nephew in on the deal, but I don't let him say "Go to hell," because he's still a baby. 

Go to hell Oregon, GO TO HELL!

Tucker! Watch your mouth, boy!!!  That's not sportsmanlike!  

He looks almost as cute in Roses' hand-made chicken hat as I do, don't ya' think?

We be ready.  Time for REAL LIFE.

Andy's perdiction..

LSU - 27, hapless Ducks - 3.


  1. You should know that I will be cheering LOUD for the Andy team. Cos I HATE those cheatin' ducks. In their g-hey feathery uniforms.

  2. Not even 7:30 in the AM and I have butterflies in my stomach anticipating that game tonight! (Or maybe it's that food from China Flag that I ate last night).
    27-3 sounds good to me.
    Oh, and Tucker looks a lot better in that hat than you do, just my opinion!
    Geaux Tigers!

  3. It's too hot for football and hats and afghans and such and obnoxious sports fans.

  4. Yep...that picture is definately me... just lounging around waiting for the games to begin!! Hell Yeah!


    Loving that lil Tucker! He is so stinkin' cute! And, I'm agonna have to agree with Jim....Tucker is a whole lot cuter in the Chicken Hat but you wear that LSU Afghan with pride...I can see it in your eyes (or is it glee cuz you are holding a cheerleader) ... Oh well, ya both look like true LSU fans!

    GO VOLS! WOO PIG! GEAUX TIGERS! GO SEC! Let's get this party started!

  5. What a precious little guy! I hope we have power to watch the game! I can't decide whether to do pay per view for the Hogs opener.

    Now I'm ready to see a pic of Inno in the chicken hat.

    Woo Pig Sooiee!

  6. Nice pics... and Tucker is indeed a cutie.

    Good luck to yer Tiggers, Andy. I might watch, too.

  7. Field Goal. Ok. Nothing wrong with a 3 point lead.


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