Saturday, November 26, 2011

I hate to brag...but we own another one!


Hey y'all!  My occasional look at The Sitemeter turned up something interesting.

(Click it.  Nyuk!)

Obviously, we're back in The Gooble's good graces after months of being on their dookie list.  Funny thing is, this visitor was actually from Oxford, Mississippi.  I reckon Nutt is leaving town just in time.

Not only that.  Just pray that you get linked by Jim at MyBossier.  I swear, that link he dropped really raised up the average.  Thanks, Jimbo!

I guess.  

I mean, I really wouldn't want a lot of your commentors to start insulting each other back and forth at my joint and calling each other names and all, like they do at yours.

But, yeah, thanks.

I guess.

That's all.  Gotta go run some errands in the rain (thank God for it), and take The Mrs. out to celebrate her birthday (which was last week, but we were too dang busy to go anywhere).  I'm not saying how old she is, but it no longer has a zero as the back number.  Now she's a "  0-something."

See y'all!


  1. What? No gloating? It's disappointed, I am.

  2. I take that back. I just didn't scroll down far enough. It's quick, YOU are.

  3. Heh! I didn't think that was REAL gloating. But, if you say so...I'm proud!

  4. Andy, glad to see you got some views from the link. When I really lay into the sheriff next week, which I intend to do, I'll be sure and link you to every post!

  5. Autograph please :)

    Hope Mrs. Andy has a Great Day~ And your also a WISE man not to give out that Birthday #.

  6. Strange...when I gooble the same thing, I get different results. But, as previously noted, my globber ain't working so good, so I'm sure it's simply a glitch related to the other problems. ;)

    Have a good Sunday, Andy!

  7. Dave, shut up! Nyuk...

    Ya' see, a little tweeking on things can make you seem like you've got the worldwide computer figured out. I'll learn you about it if you'd like.

    But, it don't amount to a hill of beans, so you probably would be wasting your time.

    StopSign, the autograph is in the mail. One day you'll look back on it with virtual pride.

  8. Happy birthday, Mrs. Andy! (Psst! The older we get, the longer we -- female we types, that is -- get to stretch out the celebrating!)


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