Friday, November 25, 2011

I was rawng!!!


I should have sharpened my cipherin' chalk!

In my prediction earlier this week, I stated that it would be LSU 42 - Arkansas 12 (maybe 13).  I really anticipated a 30 (or 29) point win.

We're just really good.

What I did not anticipate was my beloved Tigers giving up a defensive touchdown on a fumble.  We just don't do such things.  But, we did.

So, the poor Hawgz ended up with 17 points, instead of 10 (or 13, if they'd have been lucky enough to get in to feel go purzition after that fumble).

Plus, we only managed to eek out 41 points, instead of the 42 I figured we would.  Good on the Hawgz!

(Of course, Corch Miles called a kneel down while we still could have scored another TD, or a feel go, and made me look smart with my 42 point perdiction...but that is now all water under the bridge.  I mean, you can't un-ring a bell).

Regardless, the little piglets dun their best.  They only lost twice this season.  Twice to the #1 team in the nation (even though it was different teams).  There ain't no shame in that whatsoever.  Of course, they lost big to both teams, but still, there ain't no shame in losing to greatness.  



  1. Uncle. I will be expecting a package shortly. *sigh* .

    Now We have to wait a whole year for a chance to see Andy sporting a cheerleader uniform and Hog Hat.

    Yep, the Tiggers are the real deal this year. Don't fool around and lose to Georgia!

  2. Moogie, a good sporsmanship guy would not force payment on a wager.


    The Hat shall be in the mail Monday am.

    Let's get serious. Y'all are good. Really good. If y'all were in the SEC East, we would be facing y'all next week in Atlanta, and y'all would be ranked #2 in the nation coming in.

    'Bama is the lucky ducks. When you think about it, they don't have to play another game (after they humiliate Auburn tomorrow), but they WILL be in the BCS champeenship. I mean...they lose to us, and still get an extra week off between the season ending & the BSCS finale.

    If 'Bama had beat us 9-6, it would be us cruising until January to meet them with a vendetta.

    As far as us losing to must never take anything for granted. But, I've watched Corch Miles & my Tigers. I don't think they take ANYTHING for granted. I don't look for a lapse at all.

    Good season, Moogie. Seriously. If someone had told me back in August that LSU & Arkansas would go in to the final week ranked #1 & #3, I'd have LMAO. Both of our teams are WAY better than I thought.

    Whew! I had actually started looking online for a place to buy a red & white striped skirt.

    The internet is now safe for human consumption.

  3. Andy, you called it good, just as you did last week.
    Moogie, Arkansas is awesomely good this year. I've been an LSU fan as long as I can remember (naturally). I'm so old I remember watching Billy Cannon play. I've never seen an LSU team this good.

  4. I do have to make one more comment. Petrino was upset at the field goal LSU made. The reason for it was that Alabama beat Arkansas by 24 points. By kicking the field goal, so did LSU. It wasn't piling on.
    I have always liked Bobby Petrino, but I have changed my mind. He barely shook Les's hand after the game then turned his back and walked away.
    I was wrong about him, he is a poor loser and an asshole.

  5. Yeah, Jim...I noticed the icy "congrats," too.

    I really don't know much about Petrino. I'm not sure what he had in mind by not giving the normal "glad hand, and hug around the neck" we usually see in the SEC.

    I'm willing to give him grace. It's probably been a tough week for the guy. Had one myself...and I found myself WAY out of character in a neighborhood episode involving a pitbull, my pistol, and an Airman.

    So, I'm willing to give him grace on that one.

    All that said, Arkansas has not had a high-class guy at the helm since they ran Lou Holtz off.

    My memory is fuzzy...but they had a head corch that was a "born again" Christian guy that I really liked, though. Jeez Louise, I can't even remember the name of the guy now...but I remember a bunch of Hawg fans that I know who were as mad as hell at him.

    The mantra was "That Bible Thumper is gonna' ruin us forever!"

    But, that's all water under the bridge. Petrino will have his opportunities for redemption.

    We all might.

  6. Yep! That was the guy. I shoulda knowed you'd know.

    Hey, this is the forts comment I've tried as a pod person.



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