Monday, December 19, 2011

As we kick off the Holiday Season...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

We'll be using my nifty National Wildlife Federation December calendar from now through the end of the year to highlight special days.  It's a really cool calendar.  They sent it to me free, even though I never sent them one thin dime.

Don't know why they did.  But, it's bitchin'!  It's an 18 month calendar, and it's got pictures of animals and junk.  This month features a Red Fox, and a Snowshoe rabbit.  The BIG picture that hangs above the day/date grid (which I did not show y'all) is of a Black Capped Chickadee, too!

Thanks NWF!  By looking at this calendar, I see that it's only 6 days until Christmas.  Crud.  I guess we need to get the decorations out of the attic.  I probably will when I get home from work this afternoon.


Maybe not.

Y'all have a great Monday, okay?


  1. Happy Monday (and Pepper's birthday) back atcha! Hope you're feeling better!

    Get those decorations out!

  2. I love free stuff in the mail, particularly those return address labels that charity organizations keep sending in the hopes we'll donate something.

    And I know it's hard to get into the spirit of Christmas sometimes without younguns in the house. Which is why I'm glad we have one that we can once again start doing the Christmas thing for.

  3. I can harly wait to put all of the Christmas stuff BACK in the attic!
    Enough already.

  4. I see from readin' the up-close-and-personal version of your calendar that we're still endangering wildlife and we can get around that by symbolically adopting an animal. Do barflies count? Coz there's this one blonde barfly I know that seems endangered and I could do a bang-up (excuse the term) job of adopting her, at least on a short-term basis. Just tryin' to help, yanno?

  5. Moogie, do it up right for ol' Pepper! Dust the house, or something... (wink wink)

    Dave, it is indeed not the same without little ones around, and I can honestly say that it does not bother me ONE bit! Well...kinda'...

    Scooney, start tonight, and you should have it all packed up by Christmas Eve. Just sayin'...

    Buck, "Wildlife" is "wildlife." I say go for it...

  6. Normally we put up a big tree but this year we decided to go with the small pre lit one. Took a whole 30 minutes tops~That includes decorating


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