Friday, December 23, 2011

Just in time for Christmas gift giving! (#3)


Well, the old calendar on the wall is tick-tick-ticking!  There are only TWO shopping days left until Christmas!

And, have I got a gift idea for you!  You can give this to that man on your list that has everything...maybe a little too much of everything!

They've got a CROTCH GUSSET!  
And, it's HIDDEN, too!

I caught The Mrs. just about to order a half a dozen of these for me from the good folks at Duluth Trading Co. (because they're on sale at 40% off), but I stopped her before she did.  I've still got a couple of pairs of these from last year that I haven't blown the crotch gusset out in thrift shall be our motto this year.

Hurry up!  It's probably too late to get Christmas delivery, but you can print this picture out and put it in that special fella's Christmas card, and tell him that relief is on the way!

Don't bother to thank me.


  1. I LMAO every time I see this ad on TV.

  2. To those who wondered why the song I posted the other day was so awful, it was mostly because I was suffering a gusset malfunction while recording.

  3. Moogie...MY!

    Scooney, I did not know that they had a TV ad for this. I am sure it is funnier than the circular...does some guy sing soprano, then get better when he gets his crotch gusset going?

    Inno, there is a simple solution. Just sing in the nude. That's what I do.


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