Friday, December 30, 2011

Sadie thought she could fake me out! HA!!!


Not so...

My beloved yellow lab, Sadie, KNOWS that she gets food at 500 HRS, and at 1700 HRS.

Every stinkin' day. 

I keep her on a regular schedule, because I'm really concerned about junk like that...

But, Sadie KNOWS that I'm off from working for The Man, and I've been busier than a one-armed-paperhanger...and there's a bunch of junk going on in our 'hood (like momocycles flying down our skreet at breakneck speed, Daddy closing on the sale of the duplexes next door to Andy's Place, a really strange looking blonde chick walking the property with something that looks like a 250mm cigarette hanging out of her mouth, and various other junk that will remain unmentioned).

So, I went outside about 4:00 pm, and Sadie started doing her "begging" it was already 1700 HRS.   

HA!!!  She did not know that I had glanced at the alarm clock in my gorgeous dark mauve bedroom before I alighted.  It was roughly 4:00 pm.  

She's stupid.

But, she's not stupid enough to fool me!

(Actually, some of it might have to do with the fact that firecrackers are going off like we're at war with Shreveport, or something...and she nearly breaks down the back door to my beautiful dark mauve bedroom when folks start putting good money up in smoke with firecrackers.  I think she might have a nervous stomach).

I just love screwing around with animals, and small chirrens!!! 

(It's a character flaw...I know.)


  1. After that kind of torment ya gotta at least give her a treat, you big meanie! :)

  2. Sadie's gorgeous. But dude, you can't say "hungry" to a dog unless you aim to deliver. Now, lemme go get into my pajamas and ask Lucy if she wants to go for a walk. What a hoot!

    Gotta love a dog!

  3. I knew you wouldn't make her wait until 5. Just look at that cute face and I can tell she hasn't missed any feedings :)

  4. She is so precious and carries such love in her eyes (and dance!).

    I must say this, Andy. Today you were a mean ol' meany person.

    We got your back, Sophie!!

    (Plus, I'm pretty sure you have him tied around your dew claw!)

  5. Hey, y'all get off my back!

    She started it...

  6. My buddy, NANCY!!! Good gravy, it's good to hear from you. I thought you had forgot about li'l ol' me...

    I'm touched.

    And, yes...I can be.

    But Sadie started it! What's a guy to do???

  7. I come here every day, Andy :)
    love the v-login

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  8. You too, Nancy!

    I know you've got lots on you.

    Y'all are good folks. Doing God's work.

    I know.

    Thanks, my old pal...


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