Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tebow, the NFL, and some quick linky junk...


Hey y'all!  As y'all know, I do not look at the NFL hardly ever.  In fact, I usually have to get to work on Monday morning to find out if The Saints, or 'Boys, or somebody's favorite team won, or sucked big time on Sunday.

But, I have been at least somewhat interested in two stories this season.  1)  The Green Bay Packers, and their total domination of all things Sundayish with the pigskin.  And, 2)  The treatment of Timbow by the media, pundits, etc.

I will not lay out my thoughts and such about Timbow right now...and likely will never.  Except, I will say that the guy is a winner.  He's always won, and he always will. (I'm sure part of that is due to Congressperson Corrine Brown's encouragement...she's a huge Tim Tivo fan.  Obviously.)

Now on to the linkage (and, trust me, this is not to a pitcher of a big fat chick)...My High SchoolMate, CosmicConservative, who is now a local in the Denver area, and a Broncos follower has been blogging about the Timbow story for a good bit of the season.  His last post is worth a read (not that they all weren't).  But, I think he goes yard with this one.

That's all. 


  1. I'm really happy to support Tebow now, after all of those weekends cussing him when he was at that horrible Flarda place. They can say what they want about him, that he's a 4th quarter player etc - he got Denver a string of W's this year and that's what counts.
    I'm glad to see that he has chosen to become a good role model. That is something that we put on athletes, not something that they sign up for. When it comes together it is a good thing.

  2. Indeed it is a good thing when it comes together, Jim.

    And, trust me, I understand how you feel.

    Man...we KNEW we were gonna have to face that guy. Maybe not every season, but if we were good enough, we eventually would.

    The guy just dismantled the competition in The Championship Conference. He's a good man. I hope nothing happens to change that.

  3. I wish all athletes showed as much class as Tebow. They are all role models for some young person weather they admit it or not. He deserves to be.

  4. I not much of an NFL fan these days. Maybe if more players were like Tebow, I'd enjoy the game the way I did in my younger days.

    The thing that chaps my hide is the intolerance being shown toward his personal beliefs. If he were a member of a certain other religion, nary a word would be spoken.


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