Saturday, January 7, 2012

And now a word from our sponsor...


Naw, we really don't have any sponsors here at Andy's Place.


Nobody would pay to support this foolishness.

But, we have occasionally tried to do some biniss here...not personally, mind you (no GoobleAds, or pop-up junk, or other annoying crap like other globbers use, and never make a penny on...just sayin'...).

But I did help sell a momocycle for #3 son once (that was back when I OWNED the Gooble, and got about a million hits on "motorcycles for sale shreveport").  Alas, that was THEN...and this is NOW.  Sigh...

Anyway, my Brother-In-Law (The Mrs.' brother) has gotten in touch with his creative self over the last few years.

This here is a wire sculpture that he made for me and The Mrs. to give to my Mom & Dad on their 57th anniversary (which was Jan.1...and I forgot to tell y'all about it).  It is a beautiful, intricate thing that the pitcher does not do justice.

He does some really creative stuff...makes wire tree sculptures, cedar birdhouses, some very interesting boxes, and such. 

Truthfully, his stuff is REALLY WAY COOL.

If you're looking for a unique gift for someone...maybe for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, wedding, divorce celebration, etc....

Well, you might want to check out his page on Etsy.  You too can have the joy of giving a "one of a kind" gift to someone!  No Chink sweat shop/assembly link junk here!!!  Just real American hand-made stuff.

In fact, I would call it "patriotic" of you to purchase something...or at least pass this link around to others in need of wonderful, and unique gift ideas.

You can look at his work here.  And, if you get a chance, please pass this link around.  His stuff is really WAY cool.  We've got a cedar bird house he made, too.

I'll bet Indonesians, or Chinks can't do that!

It's probably kinda more special to us because it came from him...and from the cedar trees on the "old fambly farm" near Ozark stinkin' Arkansas...but it would still make a great gift for ANYONE!

That's all.  Pass that link around, would y'all?  Please?  Pretty please with sugar on top???


  1. I REALLY like that tree... the silver and the gold intertwined is just perfect symbolism fro the occasion. And yes, I STILL retain my immediate grasp o' the obvious.

  2. *smiling at Ozark*. Really lovely things! I shall share!


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