Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I got home from my "day job," and the AC condensing unit was running.


Forecast for tonight...

Better go put the ferns in the storage house, I reckon.



  1. Looks like a cool night or two then temps will be right back up. I'm ready for April.

  2. Looks a little mo' chillin' than I'd have figured for your neighborhood!

    Oregon is being weird. Been unusually dry and mild right up 'til the last few days - now it's snow at night that thaws into a giant slurpee the next afternoon. Supposed to happen again tonight, but accompanied by 60mph wind. Better get me some batteries for the flashlight.

  3. I just had to replace my entire air cond. Quiet costly.

  4. Yeah, Jim...or so they say.

    I'm ready for July.

    Inno: It gets REALLY REALLY cold here, and lots of folks don't know that. We get low-teens often (and, it's a wet cold that makes you want to jump in a fire).


    Kartman, my whole house unit has lots of years on it. I've decided that when it croaks, I'm going back to window units. The plugs are still there from 30 or so years ago. We don't have a "house full" anymore, so what's the sense of cooling the whole joint when rarely anyone is there.

    I'm real "green," ya' know.

    Plus, I've done the math, and it's about 1/3 the price initially, and should be about 1/2 the cost monthly. Goin' back old school, I am!

  5. I never thought of that. Sounds like a good idea.

  6. I'm betting you still wear your coat in July :-) so you won't need a/c anyway.

  7. Zero here tonight, but not a wet cold like you describe. Still, the dogs wanted to stay in the garage tonight.

  8. I'll trade ya. -30C here and supposed to stay that way 'til Saturday or so.

  9. My poor plants are so confused! One day I have to water them because it's so warm, the next night I'm covering some of them with pillowcases to ward off the cold.


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