Saturday, January 14, 2012

So, what time is it, boys and girls?


Well, if y'all have been hanging out very long at Andy's Place, you may remember that mid-January is "Update Daddy's Website Time!"

Epic Head Desk Pictures, Images and Photos


My Dad accidentally fell into a very solid stream of income many years ago.  Actually, it wasn't an accident.  It was one of those "light bulb moments" I had...and he, my eldest son, and Yours Truly have put a lot of time and effort into it (mostly Daddy does all the work...and I just secretary/Webmaster).

Regardless, his supplier has an annual price increase (how they continue to do it in a rotten economy with almost zero inflation, I do not know...but, they do).  Daddy's website MUST reflect the new pricing structure by Monday a.m.  So...

I shall be occupied for a good bit of what's left of my "mini-vacation."  It's not hard.  It's just tedious.

And, I do not mind ONE BIT!

It was on "the list."


  1. Most excellent animated .gif EVER!

  2. Tedium? On the weekend? Aiiieee!

  3. Inno: Ain't it though! I've got that one stored in my "Images Saved" Globber page...pull it out occasionally.

    Buck: Aiiieee!, indeed. But, it's for a good cause. Trust me, it is.

  4. I'm stealing the picture. That's about how I felt at work the other night.

  5. Dave, steal away!

    We've all been there.


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