Friday, March 23, 2012



Really, it was!

It's been a "long hard grind" with my day job partner out for so long.  But, he's back, and I feel like a new man.  Plus (+), I've got two days off from my day job to relax.


Started off the day at 0400 HRS by laying in bed fully awake until 0615 HRS...I swear, even if you're awake, laying still and thinking about junk for two hours and fifteen minutes is like Heaven.

Just sayin'....

Me, and The Mrs. got halfway caught up on our overage of biniss this morning!  Really, we did.

Plus, we hooked up with The Mrs.-in-Law for lunch (well, it was late for lunch, but it was good anyway).  

I really enjoyed it.  

I stay so dang busy trying to keep all the plates spinning that I don't really get to connect with fambly as much as I once did.  But it's okay.  I love them all so much, and I know that they all understand my path at present, and love me just as much as I do them.  

And, I know that there WILL come a time when LIFE settles in to that "uncomplicated" deal I've heard so much about.

Ummmm....probably not....

Anyway, it was a glorious day!

Look at what we bought at The Kroger Grocery Store for for only $13.98 (plus tax).


Now, that's a bitchin' deal...I don't care who you are!

Spring has "oversprung" here.  My dang Pecan trees are leafing out...about a month early.  Seriously...all Southerners know that when the Pecans leaf out, you've got NO CHANCE of cold weather coming back.

The Mrs. and I were talking about it this morning.  She can't remember Pecan trees ever leafing out this early.  But, she said, "They know."

She's right.

She always is...

Thank God that the demonic cold weather is behind us!

Them Pecan trees know.

Well, that's all I got.  



  1. Interesting who things vary around the country. We have ferns like that all over the place. Same thing with blackberry bushes. They're like weeds around here. And no doubt you have stuff in the south you think is ordinary but we think is really cool.

  2. Inno, we've got a bunch of junk that grows like weeds around here that I'm sure Nor'westerners would find interesting.

    Like this.

  3. I've been waiting on the pecan trees, too, before I can relax about winter being over. Everything else is blooming, though.

  4. The cold may be behind us, but the pollen is here, and with a vengeance. Courtesy of the mild winter, even by Southern standards. At least the recent monsoonal rains have kept the levels down some, even if temporarily.

  5. I came back on here to comment on the damned pollen, but Dave beat me to it. It's awful!

  6. Dave & Jimbo...I'm one of the few, the proud, the non-allergic.

    Neener neener neener.

    Mrs. Who, I figured y'all would have had leafy pecans already. Hmmmmm...

    Skunks, indeed!

  7. BOSTON ferns, eh. Does this mean you're leaning toward Mitt?

  8. Nice ferns. If you go down to the fern post office you'll see my face on a wanted poster, serial-fern-killer division. I've killed more (potted) ferns than any other six people alive today. But the ones growing in my back yard in... wait for it... FERNdale flourished.

    Spring sprung early here, too. It's the talk o' the town, literally. I've not noticed any pollen, though. But then I wouldn't because it only bothers me when it covers my car with green dust.


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