Saturday, March 24, 2012

It has been a while since I made y'all a V-log...


(Editorial note:  After I got finished making this POS experimental Sony Cyber-shot camera video, and started uploading it to The YouTube, I remembered the other junk I was gonna tell y'all about.  One was about how I needed to take a shower...and a bath...and then a shower. 
The other one was about how The Mrs. is planning on making Tuna Salad Sammiches, and after I get a shower and a bath and a shower, we are gonna eat 'em, and then stroll on down to Central Park Elementary School to cast our ballots for the Republican Presidential Primary (polls are opened up 'til 2000 HRS in Louisiana).  I wasn't gonna tell y'all who I was gonna vote for, neither...because the ballot is SACRED,  and PRIVATE! 

It is probably a foregone conclusion as to who is gonna get to beat ObozO, but, it is our duty to VOTE, because many hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of good men and women have laid down...or lost their lives so that we CAN

So, I always do. It's my duty.

But, I'll just say that I want to keep this thing alive. I've got high hopes for grand political theater come Convention time.  Y'all can figure that one out on your own.  If not, well, you're too ignurnt to be hanging out on the deck at this Titanic.

Plus (+), when I went to upload this sorry piece of virtual video excrement, I got a notice from The YouTube.  They tell me that I've been such a good citizen of The YouTube that I can now post videos LONGER THAN 15 MINUTES! cool is that?
I'll tell y'all...That is WAY COOL!  Y'all can look for some really, really, REEEEEEEELLY LOOOOOOOONG videos featuring ME, pretty soon on The YouTube!  

Dang!  Life is good!!!

Just sayin'...)
Dang!  That was a long Editorial Note!!! 


  1. I'm speechless.

    and in awe, of your V-log expertise.

    Have you started writing down the key points you're going to mention in your V-log Academy Awards acceptance speech? You're aware of what it means when the music starts to play in the background then?

    just sayin.

    and you's kinda caught me off guard with that "overwhelming demand" bit. I think you caught yourself off guard too. I know, sometimes crap just falls on our plates like that.

  2. I applaud your continuing use of Round-Up™ª as a tool for keeping America Beautiful.

    I also use post mix Round-Up™ as a means to keeping Canada Beautiful. I like how we can adjust the strength, if need be. Some jurisdictions here have tried banning this product, I sometimes buy extra in my travels to sell to my neighbors, + a reasonable handling charge.

    1. Marc...what I think I should do is write down the key points of what I plan to say in a V-log before I start filming. That would help.

      Banning RoundUp in Canada??? That is friggin' retarded!

      Why, that's UNAMERICAN!

      Did you know that they have developed seeds that are RoundUp resistant? Yep! I know they have for cotton seeds, and maybe other crops, too. A farmer can spray RoundUp directly on the plants without harming them! At least that's the way I understand it. Now, THAT is cool.

  3. In re: 15 minutes of YouTube content. Is the world READY for 15 uninterrupted minutes of Andy? You... and us... need to seriously consider that question.

    OTOH, Warhol's comment comes true, literally... "fame" bein' relative.

    What Marc said about Round-Up. I loves me some chemicals, too. Not just Round-Up, either.

    1. Buck, I guess we really should seriously consider that question. Heck, 8 minutes was too much in this case...about 8 minutes too much.

      As to the last line. Nyuk...

  4. Andy, your Vlog was quite extraordinary. I'm looking forward to a much longer presentation that is so dang long (maybe 3 hours) that it'll require an intermission or pee break in the middle for viewer comfort. I'm thinking the break itself could run about 2 hrs and 55 minutes of a 3 hr. vlog.

    I use Round up too, every year on my brick walk and around the trees in the yard. But...will it kill the vinca vine from hell that's taken over my garden without killing every thing else? I've hoed it, chopped it, shot it with my .20 guage, hacked it with a machete, etc. This thing must have roots that go probably all the way down to Texarkana.


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