Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Solidarity in mourning.


Yesterday morning I was at work, and saw something that was so dang impressive that I just had to take a shot of it with my phone camera.

I was looking toward Barksdale Air Force Base, and saw a fighter jet climbing at a nearly 90 degree angle.  That is always so dang impressive!  Every time I see something like that, I'm reminded of "High Flight."

I had NO IDEA why I wanted the shot, or what I would ever use it for.

I just wanted it.

But, today I find a use for it.  Sadly.

I mourn in solidarity.


  1. Beautiful shot, Andy. Absolutely stunning. And what a perfect photo to illustrate your solidarity with those in mourning the loss of Lex.

  2. Impressive. Wonder if Lex's home state will fly flags at half mast.

  3. Well done, Andy. It's the saddest of days for the milblogging community and that's a serious understatement.

    1. Buck, I'm "blinking," but not in html. Just trying to keep the screen from getting blurry. Again.

      Dan, and Kartman...beautiful, and impressive indeed. What those men do...well...I'll just quit on that.

  4. As with Buck, I have no words, other than to say, you posted the perfect tribute.


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