Sunday, July 8, 2012

Y'all don't be axin' me for a loan, just because I'm rich (fabulously wealthy)!!!


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Well, did I EVER get a surprise on Sattidy!!!  

When Mr. Postman came strolling down the street, he dropped something off that one might call "life changing."  Seems that I have been "blessed" with a legal settlement!


It seems that the legal settlement involves my business (yes, I do still operate my own business even though I have a day job that pays me fabulously well...which I LOVE my job, btw).  Anyway, the check came right on time, and I am sure that it will make my life MUCH easier.

The REALLY good thing about the settlement is that I am quite sure I never signed, nor mailed back ANY class action lawsuit paperwork to get it.  I'm sure I didn't, because even though I get gozillions of those, they all go in the round filing cabinet.  So, there must be some NEW way to participate in class action law suits that I'm not aware of.  


But the REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good thing about it is that it involved the evil folks of The Gooble getting their own!!!  Yep!  The Gooble got sued by some Hanson guy, and had to pay up!

God bless that jurdge! 

Oh, I haven't reminded y'all of this in a WAY, WAY long time, but...

Regardless, this Hanson guy evidently had some beef with The Gooble over their "Adwords" deal, and sued the bastards on behalf of online merchants.  Or something.  To be honest (again), I don't ever remember using Gooble Adwords to promote my business on the worldwide computer.  I do remember doing some pay per click junk about 9 or 10 years ago, but I think it was with Yahoo, or maybe Compuserve (been a long time, so I'm not sure).

Now, I'm gonna show y'all a scanned picture dealie of the check, because it is just so dang funny interesting.  And, it's gotta be "good."  I mean, it comes right straight from the Torrey Pines Bank.  I mean...they play golf there, don't they?  So, the check has gotta be good, and this can not be a scam deal to get my banking information. 


Please note that I have blocked out the name of my business (to protect the guilty), corrected my legal name to the only name I actually answer to, and highlighted a certain problem that this "windfall" might cause for me.

(You might have to click on the picture to see it big enough to read the fine print).

Crud...I guess I'll have to contact my tax professional about all of the multiplied "tax issues" that this is gonna cause.


But, I think Imma go ahead and cash it anyway. 

I could use a half a gallon of gas right now!

So, the "windfall" is all spoken for.  

Even though I love all y'all...y'all are on y'all's own!


  1. I think you should take us all out on the town to celebrate!

  2. Lou, I've already been hit up with SEVERAL requests for a piece of the Windfall Pie.


    Y'all are on y'all's own! I've got plans for the whole unexpected jackpot...

  3. Cash it fast - 'cuz what with inflation and all, pretty soon it won't be worth more than $1.55

  4. Shelter it now...nobamacare is coming for it!!!

  5. I throw away all those class-action notices, too. And now I see that I SHOULDN'T. I'm sooo stoopid.

  6. Inno, Skunks, Buck...


  7. We are all happy for your and getting the check. Was it the yankees who had to pay you? That must have gawled'em.

  8. Even though I should know better by now, you almost had me fooled again. But about halfway through the post, I was starting to expect some sort of princely sum courtesy of the Nigerian National Bank, or something of that ilk.
    Wrong again.

    Hey, at least you're $1.65 richer than I am at this moment.

  9. Tax issues? Well you don't want to end up like Willie Nelson.

    I'm (almost) speechless!

    So, you've filled the lawnmower up, knock yourself out baby!

  10. Now if it were I who had received such a lucrative check, I would have cut a check to you immediately. It's okay; don't feel guilty; I'm surviving; sort of. Glad I found you here.


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