Friday, November 16, 2012

Note to self...


...When you are changing the brake pads on your pickup truck, and you look in your son's four million piece fold out tool-kit that opens like a suitcase for an Allen Socket the right size to loosen the bolts...

...Be sure and close it back the right way!

This sucks.

And, the Advance Auto Parts guy sold me the wrong brake pads, too!

Well...The Mrs. said she'd handle putting it all back where it goes.  She said, "Give it to me.  I like jigsaw puzzles."

She is a good "The Mrs.," but this just sucks!!!

I suck...


  1. I could never hand it to my wife. She would drive me crazy with "what's bigger? 7/16 or 3/8?" every five seconds until I went on a murderous rampage.

    1. Nyuk! No...she'll get it done.

      And, correctly. She knows her sizes & junk...

  2. Frickin' Blogger just ate an entire comment... it went "poof" right before my eyes!

    I WAS sayin'... Don't all those slots and thangs hold the sockets in with friction? If not: "Bad Design Я Us!"

    1. answer your question. Those slots and thangs hold the sockets in with friction on the side you're supposed to flip the lid up.

      Not on the other (ya' know...the one that's THE BOTTOM, AND NOT TO BE FLIPPED OVER!!!).

      I haven't looked, but I'm pretty sure it was made in China.

    2. So, now you've gone and ticked off the all-powerful Blogger, too, huh Buck? What have we DONE?!?!

      Let's see if this reply shows up!

  3. I have a similar tool box although I believe it's made in America, that I've written "Not this side" on the bottom.. and a piece of thermopan (tin covered cardboard used for cold air returns in HVAC) cut to fit inside the tool box to help hold the round thingys in.

    1. Marc, thanks for the tip!

      You Canuks come up with some good idears...


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