Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I had just started to become a Harvard fan, seeing as they went 9-1 this football season in the Ivy League. I was even hoping they might go to a bowl game...maybe the premiere edition of the 58th college football bowl game, the "We Want a Bowl Game In Our Town, And We Found Some Corporate Chump To Pay For It Bowl."

But Harvard has let me down. It seems that yesterday, the Crimson gave Ted Kennedy an honorary degree to go along with the one his Daddy bought for him back in the 50's.

You can look at the article if you want to, but the best line in is the lead:

NEW YORK (AFP) – Veteran liberal US Senator Edward Kennedy on Monday was awarded an honorary degree by Harvard University in recognition of his decades of service to the country.

I laughed so hard I spit Diet Coke on the computer typewriter!

What those AFP folks left out was the fact that not only did Harvard make Teddy an honorary re-graduate (I had to do that one year in Junior High), they also made him an honorary lifetime member of the Crimson swim team. Actually, that was a pretty smart move by Harvard. Heck, if he shows up to compete...well, they're likely to win the Ivy League Championship!


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