Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have had a beautiful Live Oak Tree in my front yard. Every four or five years, our electric company (AEP-SWEPCO) sends around tree trimming crews to trim the trees back from the electric lines.

Now, this is very important if you live here in the Southeast US. We get high winds...tornadoes often...and ice storms that can cripple electric service either to you or your neighbors for days, if not weeks.

So, it never bothers me very much that these old boys come around and make a mess of my (once) beautiful Live Oak.

I was gone today when the crews came through for their arbor styling...

Before !
(artist rendition...I know it sucks. I can't find a green marker...but you get the drift)


I'm afraid the darned thing is gonna fall over on the house! I wish I'd have been here when they were doing this. But they were really nice Mexicans! Since I am fluent in Mexican, I was able to visit with 'em while they were cleaning up the yard. I asked Paco for his Supervisor's phone number.

After Paco & Miguel left, I called up their supervisor, Jesus. I bragged on the old boys. I told Jesus that they had done an outstanding job...seeing as it was obviously their first day...


  1. Those same guys work in my neighborhood sometimes. Little, short, brown guys, right? They do the same stellar work over this way, too.

  2. They just did that in our hood too. Fortunately our farm has underground lines so none of our trees were given a crewcut.


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