Sunday, August 23, 2009


We have now suffered through 7 months of the most secretive, block-walled clear administration in (as Jimmy Swaggart would say) "the history of these New-Nited States!" For all you BushHitler haters that decried the shroud of evil darkness of CheneyBush, I hope you are very, very pleased with your new transparent man.

There is an Obama mystery that must be addressed. No, it's not if he was born in Hawaii...Heck, I know he was born in Kenya. If he were not, this controversy would have been put to rest over a year ago.

No, it is not what in the world BozObama is doing with all of these unaccountable, uninvestigated, unconstitutional "Czars." Heck, this administration now has more "Czars" than the Russia section of Hell.

No, this is an Obama "family" mystery that has been dogging me for a few days now. And it has nothing to do with his Aunt Petutie (or whatever her name is) , the illegal immigrant on the dole in Boston...or his half-brother George BozObama living in a trash can in Kenya... No, it involves Michelle. I can not get it out of my mind. My curiosity gear has slipped into overdrive on this one. And it is one that should be as easy to clear up as Barry's birth certificate...maybe even easier.

My buddy Paul Mitchell posted a photo of our beautiful, and classy First Lady, Michelle BozObama. Now, I will not post the photo. Some of you may have eaten within the last 36 hours and still have food in your system. Or, you may have small children or pets near your computer that might require emergency care, or nightmare counseling.

But I will link to it in a moment. The mystery was pointed out in the "comments" on this particular post. The Mayor of Mitcheville noted that it seems that Michelle may have six toes on her left foot. After clicking on the picture to "see it big," I said, "OMG...she does have six toes."

Now, let me be the first to say that if she does, there is not one thing in the world wrong with that. No one can help how they are born...what many fingers or toes...if they are hideously ugly, etc.

In fact, I can think of a few situations where having an extra toe might come in maybe when you're trying to shinny up a rope, or climb a tree as a kid or something. Or, if you have like a really huge head and have trouble maintaining your balance...the possibilities are many.

Many of you baseball fans will remember the Dominican relief pitcher Antonio Alfonseca, who had 6 fingers...and 6 toes on each hand and foot. It was supposed by some that his 6th finger gave him an advantage in gripping the ball. That was not true, as extra pinky-man did not actually touch the ball...and his career stats bear out that he was not all that dominating. His 6th toes might have helped him out somehow. Dunno. But I digress.

And just so you'll know...Oprah Winfrey gots 6 toes on her foots too!

I am linking to the full-blown version of the photo so that you can decide whether Michelle does or not. But be warned, *Gag Alert!* it is not a pretty sight...none of it from head to 6 toes is pleasant. Is it an optical illusion? Is it photoshopped? Or, is it real? Here it is! Proceed with caution.

I just reports...Y'all decides...


  1. Sure the six toes are all there and accounted for but where is the camel toe?

  2. I cannot...WILL NOT...look. I just ate breakfast, and the ideer of ralphing perfectly chewed flapjacks is a mondo gagger.

  3. Skunks, I am glad to know that at least some of the readers of this blog are astute enough to follow directions.

    Besides, I know you've already seen the whole miserable thing. Smart man! btw: I finally got your link added on the side bar. That ought to drive your traffic through the floor! ;)

  4. I wonder if there is enough material for a 6 Toe Week?

  5. Mr. Mayor, there is more than you might know. I'd say "consider it."

  6. Is she perhaps an Alien?? And not one from south of the border. I mean one not of this world! That also might explain Oprah!


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