Monday, August 10, 2009

An apology...

Okay y'all...I have read about 15 blog posts today that I would like to comment on from my favorite bloggers. But my computer is completely screwed up. It will not let me left-click, right-click, or hit any "submit" buttons.

It is a true miracle that I am able to even post this...if it publishes...but I have my doubts. I plan a trip to The WalMart compruter center manana. Maybe I'll gets this all figreed out. But for now, it is really frustrating.

Have you ever tried to open Firefox from your desktop, and have a picture of Nancy Pelosi in Muslim woman headgear become your wallpaper?

It's time for a cool change...


  1. If you're looking for speed, and minimal impact on performance, I'd suggest Chrome. I normally hate teh Google, but the browser is a stripped down light weight application. Makes it easy-ish, if you can do with out some of Firefox's features.

  2. Pelosi in Muslim clothing? Dang. That just so totally blows away the proverbial wolf.


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