Saturday, October 3, 2009

On Letterman...

So, it's all over the media that David Letterman went on his pitiful show and confessed to having sexual relations with some of his employees. I was able to watch the video of it yesterday, but it seems that they are hard to find now, so I couldn't link to one.

Many have criticized the way that he came clean. But I thought it was okay. Except for the fact that the audience didn't know if it was a gag, or serious business (How would they know?) because they had no advance warning, it was okay. Letterman should have probably issued a press release early in the day, and taken the night off...then come back the next day and talk about it in depth if he wanted to.

I am truly surprised by the reaction to this. Now, you could make the obligatory joke about how unattractive Letterman's wife is, and how you wouldn't blame him, yada yada yada...but I will not do that. Because I ALWAYS blame a man for cheating on his wife, regardless of whether she's a Saint, or a shrew, a bombshell, or a blue-tick hound.

Men ought not be unfaithful to their wives. Shame on him.

But is anyone really surprised by Letterman's unfaithfulness? In many ways, I think it would surprise me MORE if he were not a cheater. Letterman is a sad individual. I think he's basically a decent Joe that somewhere along the line just got too full of himself. And, he is not unique in that biz, and politics, and churches, and the news media are full of people just like Letterman.

Certainly, his affairs carry a special taint. Employees should ALWAYS be off-limits, even if a man is single. That is, unless your wife works for you...then sexual advances are expected, and often evaluated.

I don't care if Letterman screwed around on his wife, because in truth, I don't really care about Letterman. Other than the fact that I'd like to see him get his heart right, and his mind in order, his affairs matter ZERO to me.

I believe that he was wise to set up this character that was extorting money from him, and come clean about the deal. I felt the very same way about Bill Cosby when he "stung" Autumn Jackson. Man, can you believe that was 12 years ago? Time flies, huh?

But no one should be surprised. If Letterman ever set himself forth as a beacon of righteousness, well I must have missed that one.

I admit that I was surprised, and disappointed when the news of the Cosby incident broke. And equally so when my own Senator, David Vitter's, whoremongering was made public. But Letterman? Nah.

You might ask, "Andy, if you don't really care about Letterman, why did you write such a long post about his infidelity?" And, you would be asking a very good question, to which I do not have an answer.

I reckon I'll have to study on that one for a while...


  1. Letterman's Top 10

    10) Visited the CBS daycare for intern talent
    9) Laughed at all the old gals entering the CBS studio
    8) Made Paul blush
    7) Made Regis gasp
    6) Showed Larry King what's what
    5) Never told his Mom...still hasn't
    4) After the intern meeting, had a snooze
    3) Met one of those Playmates Hef is always talking about
    2) Sat in for Regis, Kelly Ripa couldn't tell the difference
    1) Especially enjoyed not being on Letterman...ohhh, this might be a problem...

    think S.Palin might be enjoying this?

  2. Cudgel, NYUK!

    You may have a point when it comes to Sarah... Letterman is truly a confused, hapless human at this point in his life.

    I have seen this often...the more critical one is of others normally reflects their own "inner mirror."

    Maybe that is why I can't unload with both barrels on Dave... Gots so many faults of mine own, and don't want to pile on, knowing that the pile will likely fall back on me. infidelity...just a failed human with lesser sins. Sigh...

    Regardless, the Letterman's Top 10 gave me a chuckle...

  3. LOL...Cudgel scored on his Ten list.

    I've never given a fig for Letterman; I've given less when he's been the pompous pronouncer against folks like Sarah Palin.

    Now hoist on his own petard, I am curiously amused and satisfied.

    And of course, I am as perfect as an antonym can be. Sort of ;)


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