Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Morning Quarterback...(week 5)

SO WRONG! That is not the sound of your chink buddy waving goodbye (I'll wait while you pick yourself up off the floor from laughing)...(I'm waiting)...that is the sound of Andy with egg all over hisuns face (maybe a crate full of 'em)!

In the 5 week history of Sunday Morning Quarterback, the staff has never been mo' wronger period. As always, my picks are in bold italics.

#3 'Bama @ KYjelly
- Saban & the Tide add insult to the already injured Mildcat pride. 40 point victory for the guys in the red. (Unless St. Nick has pity, and reins in the hosses...those guys are goooooooooood!)
The Tide did not overwhelm the Jellys, only besting them by 50 total yards, in a 38-20 win on the road. 18 is nowhere close to 40, so this'un goes in the WRONG column. With the way the pollsters have been voting, 'Bama is likely to fall behind LSU. Just sayin'...

#4 my Beloved LSU Tigers @ UGA (who btw have the ugliest mascot...of the same name... in all of college football...and the ugliest cheerleaders...and worst pansified, whiny coach...and a band that makes you long for swift death) - This one does not have me worried like the MS State game did last week. We will be in Athens, and not in Starkville. My beloved Tigers will play their best game of the season, and down the #18 Bulldogs 30 - 13.

My Beloved Tigers did play their best game of the season to this point. Sure, we looked mediocre, winning 20-13 in Athens. That's because this was definitely the first week that we have played mediocre across the board, and not awwwwwful in some areas. We're getting better every week.

Actually a closer look at the stats show that my Tigers uniformly whipped an even more mediocre Georgia, besting them by over 100 yards on the ground, and pretty well evening up with them in the air. I'm putting this one in the RIGHT category, even though I was off on the spread.

My boys are 5-0 heading into the big showdown with Florida. Sigh. Don't get me wrong, LSU will be picked by me to win...I just don't need any more hits on my accuracy average.

#7 USC @ #24 Cal - The Trojans believe that they have patched up their holes...but not so! The Golden Bears got their hineys handed to 'em by the Ducks, and are spoiling to prove that USC is just the Rubber version. Let me give you a "picking hint"...NEVER pick USC in a big game, unless they are playing some worthless piece of junk from the opposed to playing some worthless piece of junk from the pac-10. Cal 17 - USC 10.

Sigh...So WRONG that I may never make another pick. It was a massacre! USC 30 - Cal 3. But USC still sucks.


#8 Oklahoma @ #17 Miami - This is the University of Miami...not the Miami, OK High School Wardogs. But it would not matter if it was. The Sooners win by 40 with a backup QB, destroying the myth that there is really a team worth watching in the ACC. And don't give me any "Virginia Tech is real good" junk. They are in the ACC, and even being the best of a conference that sucks means that you still suck.

Dangit! Dangit! I will confess that Miami surprised me. I truly did not believe that they could keep up with the Okies. But keep up they did. The stats were virtually even, as was the final score, OU 20 - Miami 21. Dangit!

#25 GA Tech @ MS State - This one interests me because I think MS State is better than advertised. And GA Tech, even though ranked, is from a conference that sucks. This is one of the two upsets we will see this weekend. State beats Tech 24 - 10 in Starkville. (Probably causing riots that will destroy most of the town)

Dangit! Dangit! Dangit! MS State pulled a traditional LSU trick, playing even up in the stats, but turning the ball over 5 times in a 42 - 31 loss at home. No word whether riots ensued anyway.

So, the verdict for Week 5 is that I suck.

3 WRONG, 1 So WRONG I may never make another pick, 1 RIGHT (but just kinda right). Season average drops to .680. DANGIT!

In related news, My Tribe of William & Mary ended their winning streak in a 28-17 loss to the Village Nova. But "The Rock" of Slippery Rock pulled out a 17 - 16 win over Mercyhurst. Sure, it was just Mercyhurst, but I needed something to rejoice over. Yay Rock!

Saturday was not a good day here at Andy's Place...for more reasons than this. The next post will 'splain.


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