Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day, or just another party...Or what?????????

I know that this picture is probably Photoshopped. But it is obvious that President Obama, and his lovely sidekick, Michelle, love to "party."

I'll warn you ahead of time that the chick on this video, "Thalia?" is singing in Mexican. So, if you ain't as flurent in Mexican as I is, the singing gal is basically saying, "Mexican gals are way better lovers than Michelle!" And she talks about horses, and tequila, and smoking, and junk...I will not comment further on the song, as this is a "family friendly" blog. But you can read the lyrics here.

I am more than positive that Dubya would have known everything this Mexico chick was singing at him. Dubya is even WAY MORE FLURENT in Mexican than I am. I'm pretty sure that BozObama had no idea what she was singing to him. (You will remember his now famous quote about Cinco de Quatro...but he's REALLY, REALLY smart. Sheesh, you'd think a crommunity orgranizer in Chicago might have learnt a little bit of Mexican!)

But, to be fair, I don't blame BozO' for trying to light up the crowd with his dance moves. I remember Dubya doing that over in Obama's home continent of Africa. It looked pretty ignurnt, but Obama's kin seemed to appreciate the effort. So, I reckon "turnabout" ought to be fair play.

Notice at about 1:04 how Michelle's fangs come out. Frightening!


  1. Whoa, Barry was treated for frostbite at 1:05 after that frosty.

  2. TRUE Cudgel...TRUE...!

    Man, could you imagine what damage those fangs inflicted? It's horrifying to even contemplate...

    Fortunately, I don't "hip-hop" (or whatever they call it) with Mexicans. Even though many of my neighbors are Mexicans, I refrain from actually doing the dance when they have a big ol' party. I'm afraid somebody might film it, and put it up on The UTube...and I'll be forever shamed.


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