Thursday, October 15, 2009

Okay...y'all can quit praying now.

MSNBC talk show host, Keith Olbermann, has called Michelle Malkin a "big mashed up piece of meat with lipstick on it." Now, evidently Olbermann is not only blind, and probably blinded by his hatred of anything right, and good...he's also a sexist, and a racist. Keith Olbermann obviously hates Asians...especially Asian chicks.

I wonder if he would call a Caucasian woman that? Probably so...because he's a sexist, and hates all women. I'm pretty sure he hates his Momma, and maybe even Grams. Olbermann is not married, and his Wikipedia bio does not indicate that he has ever been.

He could be a homo. Dunno.

Way back in March, I had asked y'all all to join me in prayer for Olbermann.

Y'all can quit praying now.

He has obviously given his soul over to the devil. Ya' know, when you harden your heart over and over again, The Good Lord finally just leaves you alone. He quits tugging on your heart. He leaves you to your own devices, to be devoured from within by the demons.

But I appreciate y'all's efforts anyway! Sorry I asked y'all to waste perfectly good prayers on a lost cause.


  1. I always have trouble calling guys like Keith "homo." Usually homosexual men like women to the point of weirdness. I think Keith likes barnyard animals. And he is so stupid that he got fired from ESPN.

  2. Olbermann has a season pass to the "petting zoo." It's true!

    In fact, I'm working on all of the FACTS about Olbermann, Matthews, Sharpton, Jackson, etc.

    Since they decided to report quotes from Limbaugh, which clearly PROVE that he is a racist, I decided to "dig up" quotes from the worldwide computer to PROVE just how tolerant, loving, and decent them all is!

  3. I do have one from Jesse. In 1987, he said, "GD them f-ing hobos. My favorite thing is setting them on fire and them eating them, hair and all. I love me some char-broiled white meat."

    He said this right after raping a seven year old boy in Barry Obama's apartment.

  4. Well, my favorite one is from Chris Matthews:

    "I really want to have a three-way with Keith, and Barry. But Keith says he don't like jigs."

  5. Olbermann probably got canned from doing artificial insemination at the petting zoo for indulging in heavy petting during the process.

    So now, he's a metrosexualesque angry and guilty white progressive moron, hating a world that isn't run by Chairman Mao, who'd have Olbermann gulag-ed and executed for being such an annoying putz, but Olbermann's too stupid to know it.


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