Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Morning Quarterback...(week 7)

At the risk of being tagged as the "tiniest echo" in the sports echo chamber, I will use the word.

Sloppy! Sure, everyone has used the word "sloppy" to describe what went on yesterday in college football. But I thought of it first, so I will use it.

I don't know if NCAA officials spiked the Gatorade or what, but every game I watched was just plain "sloppy." In truth, this was the first college weekend in many years that I actually thought about moving from in front of the TV. But I just kept hanging in there...waiting for it to get better. Sloppy ball all around! Penalty after penalty...fumbles, ints, dumb late hits, stupid play calls, bad tackling, bad running, bad passing. Sloppy all the doo-dah-day! Everywhere!

And for the third straight weekend, Andy's picks really stunk. I can not even blame it on others, as I have not replaced my research staff here at the worldwide headquarters. It's getting late in the season, and it's usually hard to find good help until after the Bowl games.

I am not even going to recount how WRONG I was on the UT/OU, and SC/ND games. The only pick I was even close on was Alabama's 20-6 win over South Carolina.

Saturday reinforced to me just how flawed the college football polls are. Going back to the Wednesday night Boise State v. Tulsa game, which saw #5 struggle against a team that had been shellacked by OU should have been an omen.

#1 Florida barely escaped un-ranked Arkansas at home by 3.

#3 Texas, while not upset by #20 OU (as I had predicted) also pulled out a 3-point squeaker...and that was against OU's 2nd string.

#4 Virginia Tech got whipped by #19 Georgia Tech.

#6 USC barely pulled it out at Notre Dame.

#7 Ohio State fell to #97 Purdue (Yes, Purdue). Now, why in the name of all things holy in College Football was Ohio State ranked #7? Of course, the same question applies to #s 4 & 6.

Colorado beat #17 Kansas.

Texas Tech murdered #15 Nebraska.

The polls once again prove to be imperfect. In fact, Saturday's performances by almost all of the highly ranked teams should be entered in evidence as "Exhibit A."

The first BCS rankings will come out today. The inevitable "The BCS sucks" bell will start to ring. In fact, let me be the first to grab the clanger for this season...


On a happy note, Skunkfeathers' #11 Iowa Hawkeyes improved to 6-0 with a 20-10 road win in Madison, over Wisconsin.

But, on a sad note, Slippery Rock U. fell to Gannon in a pitcher's duel, 51 - 48. Sigh. I'll bet if "The Rock" had gotten the ball one more time, we'd have pulled it out.

And, to wrap up Sunday Morning Quarterback, William and Mary thrashed Idle, ahead of next weekend's big Homecoming shootout against James Madison. Go Tribe!

And oh yeah...THE BCS SUCKS!


  1. OU has now lost three games by a total of 5 POINTS! WTH. Sam's probably done (unless he returns for another year). Texas = way overrated. Nebraska fans booed their own team. Way to go Big XII, eh? Pfffffttt.

  2. Staci, OU had at least two clear, easy TD's on interceptions in the flat...that they just DROPPED!

    Sloppy! When you're playing with your second string, those are the kinds of things you MUST execute. I know it must have been truly frustrating for an Okie to watch. Sorry.

    Texas = way overrated. True...

  3. OU should have won that game and I wish they had. Texas is DEFINITELY overrated.

    Because the the BCS, college football has become a beauty contest with helmets instead of tiaras...

  4. Andy,
    By the way, the BCS sucks. And the University of Oregon Mighty Ducks has really cool uniforms! And God willing, they'll beat the USC rubbers on Halloween! Quack Quack!!!


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