Sunday, November 8, 2009


Much is likely to be made in the right wing blogosphere over the next few days about the lone Republican that voted for PelosiCare in the US House of Representatives last night. Louisiana Representative Ahn Joseph Cao (LA-2) cast the only "yea" Republican vote to pass this monstrosity.

Now, I am never one to defend a Republican that can so blatantly turn his back on conservative principles, and side with Pelosi/Obama on anything. So, I will not defend Cao's vote. However, I will take this opportunity to play "devil's advocate," and provide some food for thought to our ever expanding group of readers (all the way up to 12 now...yay!)

It seems that Michelle Malkin has already fired at Cao. And that's cool. That's fine. But Michelle asks the question, "Can't the GOP do better?"

The answer to that is, "No, Michelle, the GOP can not do least not in LA-2."

Lemme give y'all readers a reminder of recent history. LA-2 is the only liberal district in Louisiana...and one of the most liberal (and ignorant) in the nation. It is the District that continued to elect William "Cold Cash" Jefferson...even after his federal investigation had been made public. It is the district that would have done so again, had it not been for an act of God.

As Hurricane Gustav approached Louisiana in early September of 2008, Governor Bobby Jindal, under advice of Secretary of State Jay Dardienne, canceled the Congressional Primary elections across the State. LA-2 would vote in Primary Elections on the date of the Presidential election, and then vote in a special general election for Congress one month later.

On Obama's big day in November, Congressman William Jefferson won a massive Democrat primary victory...spurred by huge black turnout (and ACORN shenanigans) in New Orleans. The fact is that one month later, when the general election was held, tens of thousands of Obama voters had forgotten their way to the polls...and multiple other thousands thought Jefferson had already won! Such is the make-up of the voters of LA-2.

On election night, Dr. Ahn Joseph Cao (actually pronounced "Gow") took the seat from Jefferson by a slim margin...less than two thousand votes. The truth is that Cao's election was a fluke. I said as much at a time of great rejoicing among Republicans over winning this seat. Cao is likely a "one term" Congressman.

Now, the "devil's advocate" part of the deal. I have two propositions.

1) Cao had taken the measure of his constituents, and realized that the vast majority support Obamacare.

Knowing this, and as their Representative, he made a vote that he did not want the same time, cutting some deal with BozO to benefit his District.

Or, more likely...

2) Having counted noses, and knowing that this was going to pass, the Republican leadership gave him the green light.

Look, this seat is going to be almost impossible to hang on to in 2010. The only chance Cao has of going past one term is to walk the tight-rope. Cao MUST seem Obama-friendly enough, or else!

The Republican leadership knows this. I have no special knowledge of the workings of the Republican leadership. But, it would not surprise me if they released Cao to cut his best deal, knowing that down the road on other issues he can be counted on. Taxes, Energy, Social policy favorites, etc.

Just some food to chew on as you hear Cao impaled in the days and weeks to come.


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