Thursday, November 5, 2009

Selling The Soap...

Today in Washington, DC,,, tens of, hundreds of, bazillions of Americans are converging to look their Congressperson straight in the eye, and tell them to vote "NO" on Obama/Pelosi/Reid Care.

Those that mustered at a moment's notice to descend on Washington today will most likely just number in the "tens of thousands." But I threw in the "bazillions" deal because I haven't used it in a while.

The focus of this effort (the brainchild of Washington's "other Michele") is obviously aimed at those "Blue Dog Democrats" that represent conservative Districts...and would really like to hang on to their seats. Ha Ha Ha! "Hang on to their seats!" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Aaaaaaaahhhhhh....I just kill me...

The Tea Party movement has bred some of the best signs, made up by regular old concerned American citizens. I photographed, and posted some from our local Shreveport/Bossier City Tea Party back in April. I mean, they're way better than the Code Pink "No More War" junk.

I found this one somewhere on the web today, direct from today's convergence on Capitol Hill. I like it. This is a good way to sell.

And, I have been holding on to another photo forever. It is a bad sign. Well, the sign is not's just the presentation of it. This is a bad way to sell your product. So, we must always be careful to present our product (limited government, fiscal responsibility, etc.) with the best possible face. We do not want to turn off those that might be swayed by giving a less than civil, attractive presentation.

Actually, I just wrote this whole post to finally use this photo. I feel good now. I can delete the sucker, and get this image out of my mind...and put it where it belongs. The recycle bin. But I really don't want it recycled. I want it burned, then its' ashes buried several thousand feet below ground.

I mean, you talk about a "buzz kill!" Imagine that you are a housewife, or a professional woman, or female at all...looking to get all hot and bothered with a good fantasy story about junk that never really happens in your life...and you come across this!

So, the lesson is: Well, I'm not really sure what the lesson is. But, you know what I mean. Sure you do. Maybe. Probably not...


  1. That second picture just cracks me up!

  2. Heh! You probably sent it to me. I can't remember...

    Definitely a good tool for teaching "marketing." Or, "bad marketing."

  3. I woulda just loved to have been in DC today... :)

    As for that second photo, DANG. PUT. THAT. UP. heh


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