Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday stuff...

Hi y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I figured I'd give y'all some "Sunday stuff," seeing as it's Sunday.

Blog Stuff:

After blogging now for about two years, I decided to finally get "fancy." Truthfully, I have never really been interested in knowing how many folks visited Andy's Place, or why they did. But a while back I got in a few conversations about numbers of hits, comments, etc. So, I decided this morning to get me a fancy "sitemeter," and I signed up with "The Gooble" for their "webmaster tools." It's all free, and I was attracted by the price.

So, this morning at about 7:45, I installed a "Sitemeter." I didn't really know where to start the count, so I just estimated, and started it at 4 million. I figure that's pretty close. So, here we are five hours later, and I am intrigued by some of the results so far.

This puny blog has been accessed 42 times in 5 hours. Now, I know who some of the visitors are by their location...but the great majority are strangers to me. Most of the 42 have come from images searches on The Gooble. And, twice already this morning, this post has brought visits from "image seekers." I'm not sure which image they were wanting to snag, though. Once this one has. And 3 times, this one has.

Of all of the gozillion web pages out there, I rank #1 on the search "don't trust china." The post that brought me that #1 ranking was a very old attempt at comedy about going to a Mongoloid Buffet. The visitor was from Thailand. Whodathunkit? Certainly not me.

You can click, and look at it if you don't believe me.

And, it's interesting in Google Webmaster reports the many searches that Andy's Place actually ranks #1. Here is the list: $2 Picasso, condurum, is Eli Manning a Christian, mobgal, place my foot.

And, I'm even #2 on "I love my baby brother." Interesting stuff, huh? Huh?

You can wake up now...

So, seeing as it's Sunday, how about a good old fashioned picture of Jesus on an electric iron?

This story is a few days old, but it seems that a woman in Massachusetts has definitely, obviously, been visited by our Savior in her time of trial. Jesus is cool like that. Now, I'm not one to disrespect folks that think they see Jesus on a corn flake, or in a bathroom window, or even on a Sunbeam SteamMaster.

But, it don't look like Jesus to me...unless it was after his beard was "plucked out." It looks more like a gal. But hey, "faith is faith," so good for her...

I thoroughly enjoyed the results of Saturday's College Football games, and those played earlier in the week. The 'Bama/Auburn game was a tight one for sure, and I am so glad that Saban and his boys pulled it out. Heading into the SEC Championship (the real National Championship) game next week, it would have been a shame to have a team with one loss. When St. Nick & his boys humiliate Florida next Saturday, look for the BCS to go topsy turvy.

We could well see 'Bama v. TCU in the big showdown. In fact, I believe that we will, as Nebraska WILL defeat the Longhorns in the Big 12 championship. Trust me, they will. Bo's 'Huskers struggled in their win against Colorado. But you can't tell me that a newbie head corch, and a team on the rise...looking forward to the biggest game of their careers against Texas didn't look past Colorado. They'll be ready, and Mack's horns will sadly watch as Texas' "other horns"...the "Horned Frogs" battle it out for the big crystal ball.

It also did my heart good to see OU beat Okie State. Poor old OU needed some consolation for their "season from hell." I laughed like an idiot when Mississippi State beat Ole Miss. The pain of our defeat last week against the Klan is still fresh.

Notre Dame dropped it's 4th straight against stinkin' Stanford. Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark...Call Ryder, Charlie...

Georgia killed GA Tech. So much for having any ACC team ranked high enough to play in a BCS bowl. Nyuk! Georgia proved that even an average SEC program is a tough nut to crack.

Now, on to the game that I had been looking forward to for ONE SOLID YEAR. Here's the deal...right about kickoff time, The Mrs. had supper ready. I was hungry, and figured I'd eat with the family, then go watch the game. I peeked in, and saw that LSU was already way ahead of Arkansas in the early going. While eating, The Mrs. and I got into a discussion about stuff, and got started on a project (if you know what I mean). Would you believe that by the time I got through (about 4 hours later), the game was over, and evidently I had missed one of the most exciting LSU football games in a couple of years?

Well...believe it! My Tigers finished up 9-3. Not bad for the SEC. This season was odd. Last season we went out and beat the snot out of teams in the "stats," yet lost the games. This season we left our own snot all over the field, but won. College football is hard to fact, I don't know jack about it anymore. Obviously.

And finally, TAKE THAT WEBER! My ferocious "Tribe" of William & Mary won big over those miserable Mildcats in the first game of the playoffs! Good on ya' Injuns! I can only pray that I live long enough to see "the big boys" duke it out in a playoff system.

And finally, finally, we won't know how Oregon will play into the BCS mix until after they play Oregon State next week. But I'm thinkin' "QUACK!" And, a nice bowl game for my Duck fan buddy Paul the Fireguy.

Y'all have a good rest of the weekend. Monday sucks, so get all the goodie out of Sunday that you can.

Love, Andy


  1. Make that 43, up here the weather is warm enough to make the propane flow hence the steaks are marinating and the beer(well some of them)are chilling as we prep for the Grey Cup...sitemeter?, is that a dooflector Big Brother thingy?

  2. Cudgel, good for you! Enjoy that carcass and Lebatt. Glad to know that global warming is giving you guys a lovely November.

  3. Heh. SiteMeter is highly entertaining and even makes for good blog-fodder occasionally.

    I agree with you on yesterday's games... they were all high-quality and entertaining, at least the ones I watched.

  4. I note that somebody from Poland has visited you as well. Hmmm, I think there might be something funny in there somewhere....

  5. Hey....that's my cousin you're talkin' about. And yes, there is something funny in there (somewhere). Boomer.

  6. Thanks, Andy! We're smell'n rose's here in GA!! Gonna have to stay up late on Thursday night and probably be late to work on Friday so I can watch the game. Starts at 6 in Eugene, so it'll be 9 here. I'm gonna do a first: Ducks, 45-37. Never done that before, but they're playing at home and have had a great season. The only other thing I have to say is: QUACK QUACK!!


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