Friday, November 27, 2009

Take a little test on a boring Friday...

How many hundreds of thousands of pennies have you held, spent, picked up or passed by on the street, lost in a couch, swallowed, or put into a gumball machine in your life?

No, that's not the "test."

I am going to post a link. Hit the link, and identify the "real" US penny. Do not be a big ol' cheater by looking at a penny first.

I will confess that I did not correctly identify the penny. When you make your selection, you will be given the correct answer.

Heh! I sent this test along to a friend of mine in Arkansas. He wrote back that he got the right answer...but that it took him 4 tries...

Here's the link. (Courtesy of Walt)


  1. I cheated because I spent about five years of my formative years collecting coins, so it was easy for me.

    Only someone from Arkansas would miss this.

  2. Funny Paul...reeeeeeel funy! I actually did miss it, but just onest, unlike my Arkie friend.

    Actually, he ain't an Arkie. He's from stinkin' Austin, Texas, but moved to Piggot, Arkansas for "broader opportunities."

  3. If he moved from Austin, it was probably just so he could find a shower and get away from the Libtards. Dammit, what a nasty place Austin is, right smack dab in a decent state, too.

  4. Call me observant. Go ahead. I surprised myself guessing right the first time.


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