Tuesday, November 24, 2009




  1. There may be more to this than meets the eye as the news report was rather thin on detail.

    That said, rational military people... especially those on the "E" side... don't often choose court-martial over non-judicial punishment and usually only do so when they feel they have a much better than even shot at beating the rap. It will be interesting to watch this unfold.

  2. On the afternoon of 9/11/2002, does anyone remember what happened that morning?, I wrote emails to my senators, representative and President Bush. I don't have the exact language, but the gist follows:

    We, as a country, must now consider ourselves a war. I hope that you will have the courage to support a declaration of war against all terrorists, wherever they may be, and all states which support them.

    If the congress had the courage, or if President Bush had made the call to make such a declaration of war, I can only imagine how much more clear our goals and purposes would be.

    Why do we continue to fight undeclared wars? Have we not learned any lessons?

    Either we are at war or we are not. Which is it? To treat our troops, obeying lawful orders, and acting as they should in a state of war, as criminals is ludicrous. We are not committing atrocities, genocide, or anything of the sort. Our soldiers understand that they are at war, and act appropriately. Our politicians equivocate and allow this kinds of heinous baloney to be brought forward.

    If our troops are being accused, then let's send the real culprits, the members of congress, the member of the executive, etc. to the Hague. Let them stand trial. Make them decide what we are about. The majority of the American people understand, the civilian representatives of the people seem not to. Put them on trial for their crimes against humanity, or put them on trial for crimes against our country. One or the other is necessary.


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