Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting in the Christmas Spirit...

Well, there's big doings around Andy's Place getting ready for Christmas. Not really.

The Mrs. and I are really "Christmas Duds." We don't go whole hog like a lot of folks do. (We really never have)

Christmas around Andy's Place (where ever that might be) has always been pretty simple...just a few decorations in the living room, a Nativity Scene...two or three different kinds of 'em...the "snow babies" that the boys all loved when they were kids...a string of lights for mood.

No tree. Many, many years ago we lived in a place so tiny that there was no room for a tree. Our two oldest sons drew a tree on a piece of manila paper, and taped it to the wall. We stacked the gifts underneath it. It seemed to work just fine, so we haven't had a tree since. Like I said, "Christmas Duds!"

But, that is no reflection on our extended family. My Momma is SERIOUS about Christmas. I am quite sure that she owns every bit of Christmas paraphernalia ever manufactured (in the US, or abroad). Her house is always enough decorated for the all of us...much of it she has crafted herself...long story.

The Mrs.-in-law, though, does not quite go so overboard as my Momma. For a few years after my father-in-law died, she did not decorate at all. But in the last few years she has "felt like it" again. So, The Mrs. and I went to her place today to dig out the fake tree, the ornaments, decorations, and string the lights on the fake tree for her. She is in very good shape (and quite a beautiful woman as a side note) at 74, but the light-stringing is something she can't quite reach.

The Mrs.-in-law & I mulched up the rest of the leaves in her back yard, while Pam got busy on stringing the lights. We had a good time. My mother-in-law is a true blessing! Not every son-in-law can say that. Just sayin'....

This is why I don't put lights on my house.

I have fallen off a house. Twice. Two different houses. I'm sure it didn't do any permanent damage. Probably not. Maybe. Probably...

I stole this picture from Staci a while back, but am just now getting around to using it without her permission. This is the kind of "whole hog" decorating that I might work myself up to.

As always, click on it to get the big picture.

We are actually planning to "decorate" for Christmas when we get around to it. Humbug! No, really we're waiting for our eldest son, and his wife to get here this weekend. They will be staying with us for about 3 weeks, and we figured they'd need a task or two to occupy their time, and might enjoy the family junk, like old times.

He is in transit from his station at Fort Ord, to his new permanent station (if there is such a thing in the Air Force) at Offutt AFB in Nebraska. I'm sure he's gonna love it there. I hear it's lovely...especially this time of year.

My 3rd son will be back from Medic School at Fort Sam Houston on the 15th. This will be the first year in a long while that we have 3 of the 4 boys "home" for Christmas. #2 son can't make it from Ohio, due to his job. But 3 out of 4 ain't bad...

So, I'm getting in the spirit of the season! All I need is for them bowl games to get started, and I might just get "jolly."

Heh! My buddy Paul the Fireguy sent me this video. It's as cute as all get-out! Evidently, some high schoolers decided to perform Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" like silent monks would. It's cute...

Well, Merry Christmas y'all! Be sure and tell folks "Merry Christmas!" I get sick of those "happy holidays," "season's greetings" deals. It's Christmas, dangit!


  1. Heh. Your tongue was in your cheek about Omaha being "nice this time o' year," right? If not... it most certainly SHOULD have been. My squidly son did two (or was it three?) years at STRATCOM HQ and entertained me regularly with Offutt WX horror stories. The Midwest... gotta love it.

    The vid was pretty good!

  2. Yeah Buck...tongue stuck firmly in cheek. I think I remember that one of your heroes served time in Omaha... God bless 'em. It's gonna be a booger in the Midwest this year, I think.

  3. Great video, Andy. Do you remember singing (actually singing)this song in high school choir. As I remember it with both sang bass...

  4. Jeez, my head ain't right tonight...massive headache.

    We sang bass as I remember it (is what I tried to say) and we sat/stood next to each other on the back row...

  5. Dadman, I actually do remember, and started to mention Milton Nix leading the BHS choir in our Christmastime "standard."

    Not to wax too nostalgic, but I did think about you, and our pals when I was posting this.

    I was sort of a baritone...but could fake the bass.


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