Thursday, December 10, 2009

As we prepare for the Capital One (What's in your wallet?) Bowl...

...let's talk College Bands.

A University marching band is obviously an integral part of the college experience. They support their athletic teams, and provide much of the pageantry that makes College Football the enjoyable experience that it is.

Many, if not most college marching bands have attached a moniker to their group. For instance, The University of Arkansas Razorback Band is nicknamed "The best in sight and sound." The Florida Gator Band is "The Pride of The Sunshine." Ole Miss has tagged its' band, "The Pride of The South." (cough cough)

There are other, more clever nicknames. For example, USC's band is called "The Spirit of Trojan Rubbers," and Vanderbilt's marching band is known as "The Swirling Commodes."

My beloved LSU Tigers are supported by The Golden Band from Tigerland! Without doubt, it is one of the finest units to support any athletic program in these hyar United States! But, one of the best things about marching bands are the dancelines, and baton twirling gals that perform alongside the band for the entertainment of the fans.

At LSU, the danceline is named, "The Golden Girls." Clever, no? Get it..."Golden Band"..."Golden Girls?" Get it? Sure you do.

*Images courtesy of Paul the Fireguy* whose Ducks beat USC, because USC sucks!

LSU Golden Girls...

More LSU Golden Girls...

Since we at Andy's Place have already named Alabama the 2009 National Champion, (due to their win in the real national championship game over Florida in the SEC championship), let's take a look.

The 'Bama Crimson Tide Marching Band is nicknamed, "The Million Dollar Band." Sometimes, they're just called "MDB." I reckon that's short for "Million Dollar Band." The MDB is supported by their dancing-twirling "Crimsonettes."

I suppose they call 'em Crimsonettes, due to the "Crimson Tide" dealie. I mean, it might not sound good to call 'em "Million Dollar Gals," and attach some sort of financial value to 'em. That would be sexist. So, Crimsonettes seems fitting.

Alabama Crimsonettes

Well, it seems that when my beloved Tigers take the field on New Year's Day at the Capital One (What's in your wallet?) Bowl against Penn State University (also known as PisS U), the Nittany Lions will be proudly supported by their own little marching Band.

The PisS U Marching Band is most often referred to as simply, "The Blue Band."

Fitting, that their danceline carries a matching name.

The PisS U Blue Dogs...



  1. Nice pics, with the obvious exception. But they could be a lil bit larger... only to better evaluate the costumes, baton types, and such. No prurient interests in play here. None. What SO evah.

  2. Good suggestion, Buck. I'll try to do mo' better next time. I mean, baton specs are important to the inquisitive type with a discerning eye.

  3. It's kinda hard to see what might exist behind all the legs and teeth. Any chance that you could photo shop out those distractions. I, too, want to evaluate batons and costumes. I want to come to understand the inner person.

  4. Walt, trust me...I tried. But the harder I tried, the longer the legs, and whiter the teeth became.

    I'm just gonna have to trust that they're all really substantive young women.

    And I'm sure that the PisS U gals have a "great personality."

  5. I read your post at the top, "Equal Time", and it was a great comeback from Walt, but THIS post made me chuckle something fierce.

    Did NOT expect to see that pic at the end.

    On the bright side, they look like some pretty fine pooches.

  6. Mayor, they oughta be some pretty fine pooches! They are Pennsylvania's finest...


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