Friday, December 11, 2009

Time to quit screwing around...

The Mrs.: "I've got some good news for ya'!"

Me: "Great! What?"

The Mrs.: "You and I are going shopping, and if it takes all day, we are going to finish all the Christmas shopping."

Me: "Humbug!"

The Mrs: "Pansy."

Me: "Am not."

The Mrs: "Are too."

Me: "Maybe."

The Mrs: "Definitely."

Me: "Yes Dear. So, I'll admit it. You're right. I'm a Christmas shopping pansy."

The Mrs: "You still have to go."

Me: "Sigh..."

I'll see y'all when I see ya'. The Mrs. is right, as usual. It's time to quit screwing around and get this junk done. Eldest son and his wife will arrive tomorrow. 3rd son gets back on Tuesday night from Ft. Sam Houston, and this joyous holiday junk needs to get done ahead of all that.

HO HO HO! Joy to the world, and all. Y'all have a good Friday. One of us needs to...


  1. Heh. My Christmas shopping is complete after visits to Amazon and the Discovery Channel websites... complete with gift-wrapping and drop shipping... from the comfort of my desk, beer at hand, with no cheeky, inattentive, or otherwise surly sales-people, crowds, or ubiquitous, in-your-face, badly done Christmas music/Muzak to deal with.

    Have a great day out, Andy! ;-)

  2. Buck: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... Well, we got finished. Normally we send our Christmas junk through the computer, but they're gonna be here this year, so we had to actually go buy the junk to see their disappointed faces in person when they open it up.

    Definitely worth it!


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