Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jingle Bowls!

Hi y'all!

Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

If you haven't bookmarked the upcoming College Football Bowl Schedule, it's right here. Don't bother to thank me...

Just a few notes about this bowl season.

Note #1: The BCS sucks!

Note #2: It seems that the Rubbers of
usc have wrangled them a spot in the Emerald Bowl vs. an equally weak Boston College. That one ought to be a real nail hanger. yawn...

Note #3: It seems that our local Independence Bowl may have been saved. I truly thought that last year would be the end, when we could only draw Northern Illinois v. Louisiana Tech. But, it seems that things are back on track with Georgia v. Texas A & M. Two good teams, and storied programs...should be worth a watch.

Note #4: My beloved LSU Tigers will face off in the Capitol One (What's in your wallet?) Bowl, against PisS U on New Year's Day in Orlando. I always love it when we draw a little-10 team. Sure, it's never much of a game, but I still love to see my Tigers win, even if it is against an inferior conference opponent.

Joe Paterno discusses his team's chances against LSU...

Well, y'all enjoy the games this bowl season, and have a great Tuesday.

Love, Andy


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