Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Long Story Short...What are the chances?

My Daddy threatened me within an inch of my life when I was growing up:

"If I EVER catch you on a motorcycle, I will jerk your butt off of it, and whip you 'til you can't sit down, or stand up."

He had bad experiences as a young man on bikes, and I actually lost two cousins (one to death, the other to 25 years as a vegetable...then death), in motorcycle accidents. Don't get me wrong...I don't have anything against 'em. But Daddy will whip my butt until I can't sit down, nor stand up if he ever catches me on one.

So, I've never climbed on one. I respect my Daddy. And, even though he's 74, I'm scared of him.

But, what really are the chances of getting killed on a motorcycle? By an airplane?


  1. Dude, some people have all the luck.

  2. That was a pretty bizarre story. Which all goes to prove life is fleeting, indeed. Now about mo'sickles... (heh) ;-)


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