Friday, January 22, 2010

Being "middle aged," and "mighty white" to boot...

...this is difficult to listen to.

But, I'm posting it anyway...for a historical reference point. Don't bother to thank me...

Stolen from the MY Bossier blog.

You might want to go over there, and look at his new video of Scott Brown he posted.


  1. You're right... that IS hard to listen to. While we're on the subject, I really, rilly think the National Enquirer should get a Pulitzer for the work they did in this space, if only for the simple reason it would get the NYT's and WaPo's knickers in a serious twist. Prolly won't happen, tho.

  2. Yeah Buck, and it's not the first time that the NE has forced the "real journalists" into something.

    Pam and I were talking today. I said, "can you believe that that POS could have been the VP, and a lying sack of crap like Kerry our President?"

    She said, "Well...considering what we've got now...yeah, I can believe it!"


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