Monday, January 18, 2010

Boys will be boys...

Walt sends along these photos of boys just "being boys."

As the father of four sons this one looks awfully familiar...

And, I don't know why this picture made me spew coffee on my monitor this morning. There's nothing funny at all about it.gelakguling

Finally, it's good to see a young father that reads to his children. Good habits start early!

Nyuk! Y'all have a good Monday. No Post Office, or trash pickup don't put your trash at the curb, or wait on the mailman. Just a friendly reminder. Don't bother to thank me...


  1. It kinda pains me to see BrittFarr reading Playboy to his daughter. But, then again, he is white trash.

  2. HA! He just buys it for the articles.

  3. My SN1 has a small U-shaped scar on his right thumb from sticking a bobby pin in an outlet when he was about four years old. That act of stupidity knocked him ass over teakettle when the bobby pin vaporized and scared the Hell out of both his Mom and me. Live and learn...

    That kid's eyes crack me up. He's probably thinkin' "WOW! LUNCH!"

  4. Buck, my #2 son made a habit of sticking paper clips into outlets.

    Strangely, he LOVED it! You could always tell when he'd been at it, because his hair would stick straight up all over his head. Odd child...

  5. The pictures didn't show up so I had to click on them to see them. I thought all boys stuck something into outlets but I wish I'd had some warning about pic #2. Aargh!

  6. Yes Patrick, #2 made my tinkler twinge. I'm supposing that it must have really been a plastic knife. If not, the dufus taking the picture should have it applied to his own.


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