Sunday, January 24, 2010

Heh! Gooble Alert! Gooble Alert!

I have recently discovered uses for Gooble Alerts. So, I set one up with my "name," and the name of this blog, "Andy's Place."

Well, my daily Google Alerts came in a few minutes ago. And there is this little gem.

(I hope Sadie don't find out about this.) Please don't hit the link. Please!

Andy's place dog sex
Andy's place dog sex. ... Andy's place dog sex · You need new Flash Player 11 andy's place dog sex dogs f****ng porn stars a furry tail doggie day care ...

Now, don't try to tell me that Gooble Alerts are not valuable...takbole


  1. Thank goodness that I occasionally do not read everything in my Gooble Reader. I am sorry to say that I am glad that I missed this post.....

  2. btw: Headed back under...gotta try to get this done before Brit Far sings his swan song. Again.

  3. Gross, Britfar is nastier than going under the house.

  4. Dude! Found el leako! Three inches below river sand. I'm is smilin' big time...I might get it done this afternoon. Probably. Maybe. Probably not...


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