Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To paraphrase Joe tHEIS(our)MAN...

...I sure ain't no Norman Einstein!

One of the funniest sports quotes ever came from Joe, when he said, "The word “genius” isn’t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."

Joe was right. Obviously.

Our buddy, and resident Oregon Duck fan, Paul the Fireguy, sends along a link to a "just how smart are you?" online test.

Now, I enjoy these things. And, I normally do very well on them. I hate to brag on myself, but I normally eclipse the average by at least 50 pur-sint!

Really, I due!

But this one here messed me over pretty good. It's because it is timed. You only have 8 seconds to answer each question. What really stunned me is how quickly I could answer the ones I ought not to be able to, and how slow I was at the stuff I should know.

Take it just once, and see how you come out. I came up with a "22," with the average score being "18.2" at the time I took it. This makes me only 20.9% smarter than average. Crud.

You may leave your score in the comments, should you choose to. And, as always, you may lie like a cheap rug.

Here's the test. Now, I'll warn ya'...you'd better buckle up before you hit that start button.


  1. "24... 31.9% smarter than average." I liked the tag line: "Einstein's got competition." Heh. Not really, I'm just chock-full of useless (stuff).

  2. I scored 25.

    One of the questions I simply clicked too quick and missed the one I was trying for. I know what the square root of 81 is.

    The popular culture questions I kind of pride myself on not knowing. Knowing what artist is responsible for a particular song I've never heard of and probably wouldn't like, the slang term for a particular illegal drug, where a particular brand of beer I don't drink is brewed, or which manufacturer produces a car that I probably wouldn't be able to identify on the road, don't strike me as a particularly valid measures of intelligence.

    But it was fun anyway.

  3. 26! 26! Not that I'm braggin' or nothin'.

  4. So, as of 2:05 pm cst, we've got a 24, 25, and 26.

    Early conclusions are that Andy is the stoopidust visitor to Andy's Place. Or, that you're all a bunch of liars, nyuk. Just joshin'. I know for certain that only highly intelligent people visit Andy's Place.

    As for the host...well...

  5. I was tempted to take a mulligan, coz I know I fluffed a couple. But, being the basically honest sort I AM... (heh)

    Seven people have taken it over at my house; one person claims a 30. Four beat me with a 25, one tied me, and one had a 22. It looks like we're ALL smartypants, eh?

  6. A test peppered with pop culture references isn't an intelligence test. It's a trivia test. I quit after it asked me who sang some rap song.

  7. Cosmic, Welcome to the Black Parade is EMO!!!!

    I scored 27, 51.7% smarter than everyone else. As if.

  8. OK, Andy, I got a 22.5 before I sent it to you. Had a fire the night before and was running on 4 hours sleep. Also, fat finger syndrome on the mouse. Not excuses, just saying.....


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