Monday, February 1, 2010

Kicking off Black History Month at Andy's Place!

Well, it's that time of the year again! One of our favorite months here at Andy's Place is February Black History Month! In NW Louisiana, we begin to have warm days normally, my gorgeous (traffic stopping) Japanese Magnolia blooms, and a whole bunch of other celebratory things take place.

If you haven't been hanging around here for long then you do not know of the MANY traditions that we have developed, and faithfully observe at Andy's Place in celebration of Black History Month.

At the outset, we attempt to dispel many common myths concerning black folks during Black History Month. Heck, we have already tackled a commonly held belief among the Danish this morning in the post below. If you haven't read it yet, it's a doozie, and I feel mighty white for having addressed it!

We give our annual jinx pick for The Super Bowl winner (but only if there are black guys playing in the game). I think we're pretty safe this year...

We also observe Black History Valentine's Day on the 14th! This year it falls on a Sunday. (I sure hope that The WalMart is open on Sunday.) It is a tradition that we wait until the "big day" to make a gift purchase for The Mrs. It's always an adventure, and last year's Black History Valentine's Day gift to The Mrs. is gonna be hard to top. But I'm gonna give it my best shot!

We also ALWAYS celebrate "President's Day" (which will fall the day after my special Valentine's gift presentation to The Mrs.) at Andy's Place. Wow!!! The fact that we now have a black President makes it all the more special...this is two years hand-runnin'!

Speaking of "hands," it has become a tradition to update y'all on the healing progress of my psoriasis during Black History Month. Yep, it normally afflicts me in January, and the healing updates are always a favorite "highlight" for all visitors.

So, let's kick this sucker off with a psoriasis update! Regular visitors know well that since the first outbreak that I experienced many years ago on my chest, the psoriasis has always returned to afflict the ring finger of my right hand...weird, huh?

Here she is as of now...

Don't it purty?

Yeah, she's actually healing up a lot slower than in years past. But, it's my own fault. I think I waited too long to start treating it with my Salicylic acid greasy cream. I'll swear that stuff is slicker than snot on a snowcone.

Not big enough to see good?

Lovely, ain't it?
(Have I ever mentioned that it's painful? I think I may have mentioned that in passing.)

I'm pretty sure my dream of a career as a "hand model" has been dashed. Oh well...

So, as we kick off Black History Month, we must always be aware that there are "nay-sayers." In fact, their ranks are some even black themselves. I have watched this video of some second rate actor from time to time.

I'm pretty sure that this "Freeman" fellow is not REALLY BLACK like Jesse, or Al. I think he just don't like "them Jooooz."

Regardless, we've got a big old exciting month ahead of us. It's nice to have y'all along for the ride! I love all y'all! I mean it...


  1. Ya mite wanner clip them thar talons on th nds uv yar fingurs

  2. Re: This year's Black History Valentine's Day gift to the missus. We might just have to have a little chat.

  3. My tribute to Black History Month :)

  4. Cosmic: I grow them out ON PURPOSE for the celebration of Black History Month.

    Moogie: I'm always open for suggestions. But, it's hard to top all the great gifts that a woman with EVERYTHING like my wife has received.

    Bart: Bwa. Bwa. Bwa. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    I'm thinkin' that tomorrow might be just the perfect day of Black History Month to post that one. (Don't ask me why)

  5. "...slicker than snot on a snowcone...?" Nice alliteration.

    Right now I'm on a herb cure kick and milk thistle and oregano oil are used for treating psoriasis. (gooble it.) I take both for my immune system.

  6. Hey Pat,

    Thanks for the tip my friend.

  7. well, the white black thing is a dilemma...... I don't expect much change in the rest of my lifetime.
    I just stay away from trouble if I can........ which means........
    never mind.
    psoriasis- I wish they would do more research on that..... and how to fight it, diet, what allergies might make it worse, etc.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. As you guessed, none of those was the song I was looking for, but it was interesting to click the links and check them out.

    As for Black History Month, I don't mind if some people want to celebrate it. The Morgan Freeman clip was very interesting, and I rather agree with his line of thinking. I've always liked him. He just seems like a practical, no-nonsense kinda guy, and he's a great actor. As I said, though, I don't have a problem with people wanting to celebrate or call attention to black history if it makes them happy. The one that I don't get is Groundhog Day. My son asked me about how the holiday came to be and what it's all about this morning, and all I could do was rant about how stupid it is and how the movie is even worse.


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